Wearable Electronics

Increasing adoption of healthcare and fitness monitoring devices and rising demand for wearable electronic devices in entertainment and enterprise applications, is driving the wearable market towards an explosive growth.


Mistral has been among the pioneer design houses in the wearable electronics domain. Be it Health Monitoring Devices and Fitness tracking Device Designs or Wearable Headset Computers,  We have enabled several product developers in the wearable domain achieve their goals of smart hands-free and voice based assistance.

Our expert team of engineers have spent considerable time and effort in the R&D of wearable electronics and understands the functional, technological and business needs that arise during the development of wearable devices such as – small form factor, miniaturization, extended battery life, rugged and ergonomic design and time-to-market.


Product Design Services

Feasibility study

Design, development and integration

Prototyping and Industrial design (ID)

Intuitive User experience (UX)

FCC, CE, UL certification

Production and Product Lifecycle Support

Small form factor, multi-board designs

PoP assembly

HDI technology

Flex PCB designs

Sensors: Heart rate, Pulse Oximeter, GSR, Accelerometer, Gyro, Temperature, Humidity, Compass, magnetometer, Touch

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, BT, BLE, NFC

Software Development

Applications for head tracking, voice recognition

Android / Embedded Linux/ Windows Embedded Firmware

Firmware development for MCUs

Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity between iOS/Android phones and devices

Wearable Electronics App Development

Cloud Applications over  Amazon Web Services and Samsung Artik

Wearable Electronics  App Development in HTML5, .NET and Java with database servers

Apps for displaying real-time parameters, historical trends

Remote configuration and OTA upgrade

Embedded Applications

Android/Linux/Windows Embedded/iOS

End-use case development with/without Display

Framework customization

Power Management

High efficiency power supply architecture

Dual battery solutions

Power optimization

Extended battery life and reduced heat dissipation