Small Form-factor, Power-efficient, Multi-board Designs
for a Range of Futuristic Wearable Applications


The Wearable Electronics market is currently dominated by health, fitness and “quantified self” wearable devices like fitness bands and trackers for continuous health monitoring and fitness tracking. The need for high-performance power-efficient Fitness Tracking Device Designs and health monitoring device designs that efficaciously monitor heart rate, blood Oxygen levels and other vital health signals have made a lot of headway with next-generation gadgets. These wearable electronics solutions integrates high-precision sensors and lightweight material that contact the skin to provide accurate measurements.

Wearable Electronics Solutions

Wearable app development, Wearable app development company, Wearable Electronic Device Designs, Wearable Electronics, Wearable Electronics Design Services, Wearable Electronics Solutions, Fitness Tracking Device DesignsThe more recent trends in Wearable Electronics include smart watches, wearable AV glasses, hearables, head mounted computers and smart clothing that are finding a wide range of applications in industrial, healthcare, support & maintenance and gaming. Forming part of the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT), wearable electronics solutions allow display and sharing of information from and to a multitude of internet-connected data streams, improving systems and processes, while reducing costs and risks. Mistral has been among the pioneer design houses in India offering wearable electronics design services and wearable app development. From fitness tracking device designs to other wearable electronic device designs like wearable headset computers and AR/VR glasses, we have enabled several product developers with futuristic wearable electronics solutions that feature smart hands-free operation and voice-based controls.

Wearable Electronics Design Services

Wearable app development, Wearable app development company, Wearable Electronic Device Designs, Wearable Electronics, Wearable Electronics Design Services, Wearable Electronics Solutions, Fitness Tracking Device DesignsMistral has over 15 years of experience designing head-mounted wearable electronics solutions such as wearable accessories for Android phones and Windows MiniPCs, headset computers running Android, AR/VR Glasses for Industrial Applications, etc. Our designs feature stereoscopic cameras, sensors for Heartrate, Pulse Oximeter, GSR, Accelerometer, Gyro, Temperature, Humidity, Compass, Magnetometer, 9-axis MEMS and 6dof Inertial sensor among others.

Mistral’s expertise in Wearable App development, wearable antenna design and integration aids us offer wearable electronic device designs with wireless connectivity features like WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, etc. Our expert team of engineers have spent considerable time and effort in the R&D of wearable electronics device designs and Wearable electronics app development. Our team understands the functional, technological and business needs that arise during various phases of the design and development of a wearable electronic device. The team is equipped to address any need of a design including small-form factor, miniaturization, integration of multiple sensors, thermal management, extended battery life, ruggedness, design ergonomics, UI/UX and time-to-market.

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Unparalleled experience in developing wearable products and accessories running Android/Embedded Linux/iOS that include a host of sensors and advanced connectivity features for a range of Industrial, Gaming and Medical Applications.

Product Design Services

  • Small form-factor, multi-board, HDI/Flex PCB designs
  • Headless, single or stereoscopic display
  • System Software Development
  • Prototyping and industrial design (ID)
  • Power and battery management
  • Thermal, signal, power and vibration analysis
  • Intuitive UI/UX

System Software Development

  • Wearable App Development for head tracking, voice recognition
  • Android/Embedded Linux firmware
  • Firmware Development for MCUs
  • BLE/WiFi connectivity between iOS/Android phones and devices

Embedded Applications

  • Android/Embedded Linux/iOS
  • End-use case development with/without Display
  • Framework Customization

Wearable Apps Development

  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Cloud applications over AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.
  • App Development in HTML5, .NET, Qt/QML, Swift and Java with database servers
  • Applications for Displaying real-time parameters, historical trends
  • Remote configuration and OTA upgrade

Sensor Integration and Connectivity

  • Sensors: Heartrate, Pulse Oximeter, GSR
  • Accelerometer, Gyro, Temperature, Humidity, Compass, Magnetometer, Barometer
  • 9-axis MEMS, 6dof, ToF, ALS, Proximity
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, Type-C

Power Management

  • High-efficiency power supply architecture
  • Dual-battery solutions
  • Power optimization
  • Extended battery life and reduced heat dissipation


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AR/VR Glasses

Lightweight, small form-factor HDI PCB designs for AR/VR Glasses ideal for a range of Industrial, Healthcare, Gaming applications.

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Smart Watches

Small form-factor, power-optimized designs for smart watches, fitness tracking devices, health bands, vital signs monitoring devices, etc.

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Smart Wearable Accessories

Designs for next-gen, ultra-lightweight wearable accessories for smart clothes, footwear and smartphones that run Android/iOS