FCC/CE Certification Testing

FCC/CE Certification Testing services to ensure that our product designs meets the necessary FCC/CE/UL norms. FCC compliance testing is mandatory for a wide variety of products designed for the EU/US markets.


In today’s market, it is critical for electronic product development companies to get their products cleared for FCC compliance testing and to get them to market at the earliest. FCC/CE Certification Testing ensures that new product designs meets the defined CE/UL/FCC norms. FCC compliance testing is mandatory for a wide variety of products designed for the EU/US markets.

With over 20 years of experience in embedded product design for the global market, Mistral can help you with the product concept, design and development and FCC compliance testing. We offer FCC compliance testing and certification process for a wide range of products and equipment for consumer and enterprise applications. The FCC compliance process is initiated once your product is ready to be mass-produced and sold to consumers. during the development process, we ensure that your device is designs to meet the specifications laid out w.r.t interference with other equipment, broadcast frequency range etc. Our FCC/CE Certification Testing ensure that our product designs are compliance ready and meets the CE/UL/FCC norms. Mistral’s FCC Compliance Testing ensure that the product designed is compliant with FCC/CE/UL norms and ready for certification.

We offer product FCC compliance testing services to our customers to ensure that the products design by us comply with CE/UL/FCC norms mandatory for a wide variety of products designed for the EU/US markets. We also have a good understanding of the new ROHS2, RED, LVD and EMC directives from EU and our FCC testing services can help you gain quickest access to the EU markets.


  • FCC compliance testing
  • Consulting on the CE/FCC process
  • Design review for FCC compliance
  • Hardware / Software / Enclosure Design services
  • EMI/EMC testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Documentation


Our FCC compliance testing services involve


  • Case Study

    Small-footprint Hands-free Headset with 15 inch Virtual Display

  • Case Study

    fcc compliance testing for Portable Desktop Magnifier for low vision

  • Product Brief

    820 Nano SOM based on Qualcomm SnapDragon SD820 SoC

  • Product Brief

    i.MX6 Nano SOM based on Dual/Quad i.MX6 SoC from NXP

  • Product Brief

    RZ/G1E based SMARC Module