Drone Electronics

With a huge spurt in commercial applications, Drones and UAV Designs are finding increasing use in surveillance, intelligence, early warning, military, search and rescue, law enforcement, photography & videography, gaming, communication and logistics applications.


With the spurt in growth of sensors and sophisticated processor architecture, Drones and UAV Designs are gaining immense popularity. Drone Electronics use autonomous navigation to maneuver around and perform a number of missions and applications. Applications for Drones and UAVs include surveillance, intelligence, early warning, military applications, search and rescue, law enforcement, photography & videography, gaming, communication and logistics among others. With the advancement in technology, Drones Electronics are becoming more common and affordable. Some of the advantage offered by them devices for the application mentioned above include: high-quality aerial imaging, precision and accessibility to difficult terrains, easily deployable and security.

Drone Electronics

Drone Electronics include real-time wireless HD streaming and the related control apps for Drones and UAV Designs. Available now on generic devices like tablets and mobiles, these are one of the two key technologies that have led to a sudden spurt in drone electronics for Drones and UAVs. Mistral offers custom designs for Drone Electronics for a wide range of Drones and UAV designs. These Drones and UAV Designs can be managed via control apps through generic devices like tablets and mobiles. Our expert team of engineers have helped several customers build Drones and UAV Designs and custom Drone Electronics by developing smart, compact, light-weight and power efficient electronics systems and related software (BSP and Apps). Our team can help customer’s in Drones and UAV Designs and architect sophisticated Drone Electronics with remote operation and real-time streaming of wireless HD video.

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Drone Electronics

Embedded Applications

Android framework customization for Drone Electronics

Custom flight control & image capture iOS and Android apps development for Drones and UAVs

HMI for Main control panel and remote controller, Base Station unit for Drones and UAV Designs

Power and Battery Management

High efficiency power supply architecture

Dual battery solutions for Drones and UAVs

Power optimization for extended battery life and reduced heat dissipation

Drone Electronics

Software Design & Development

Android / Embedded Linux/ Windows Embedded Firmware development for Drones and UAVs

Board Support Package and Device drivers

Firmware development for MCUs

Hardware abstraction layer customization

Hardware accelerators integration

Boot time optimization

Hardware Design

Multi-camera design and integration for Drones and UAV Designs

PoP assembly

High Density Interconnect technology and Flex PCB designs

Ultra-low weight PCB Designs for Drones and UAVs

FCC, CE, UL certification

Drone Electronics

Multi-sensor Integration

Sensor and codec integration

CMOS and CCD camera integration

Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass, magnetometer, Touch

Media Streaming / Media Encryption

Wireless/RF Connectivity

Cloud/Web Applications

Web and Embedded App Development for Drones and UAVs using HTML5, .NET & Java

Database servers: SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Application servers: IIS, Tomcat and JBOSS

Apps for FPV-First Person view

Displaying real-time parameters, historical trends

Remote configuration and OTA upgrade support