Designs for Smart, Compact and Power-efficient
Autonomous Platforms


With a huge spurt in commercial applications, Drones and UAVs are finding increasing use in surveillance, intelligence, early warning, military, search and rescue, law enforcement, photography & videography, gaming, communication and logistics applications. With the spurt in growth of sensors and sophisticated processor architecture, Drones and UGVs are gaining immense popularity. Drone and UAVs use autonomous navigation to manoeuvre around and perform a number of missions and applications. The earliest use of Drones and UAVs dates back to 1849 when the Austrians used unmanned balloons loaded with explosives to attack the Italian city of Venice. With time the role of Drones and UAVs has evolved. Drones and UGVs present an innovative and sustainable solution for the various transportation and logistical challenges faced by the world currently. Drones and UAVs are unmanned aircraft with no on-board crew or passengers in it. Unmanned aircrafts systems predominantly include the unmanned aerial vehicle, a remote controller, and a system of communications between them.

Drones and UAV Designs

Drones and UAV Designs, Drone Electronics, Drone Electronic Designs, Drones and UAVs Drones and UAVs can be equipped with various payloads to suit them for different applications like surveillance, intelligence, early warning, military applications, search and rescue, law enforcement, photography & videography, gaming, communication and logistics among others.

Some of the advantage offered by these devices for the application mentioned above include: high-quality aerial imaging, precision and accessibility to difficult terrains, easily deployable and security. The availability of Control Apps on generic devices like tablets and mobiles are one of the key technologies that have led to a sudden spurt in drone electronics for Drones and UAVs. Mistral offers custom designs for Drone Electronics for a wide range of Drones and UAV designs.

Drone Electronics

With the advancement in technology, Drones Electronics are becoming more common and affordable. Our expertise in Drone Electronics include real-time wireless HD streaming and the related control apps for Drones and UAV Designs. Our expert team of engineers have helped several customers build Drones and UAV Designs by developing smart, compact, light-weight and power efficient drone electronics and related software (BSP and Apps). These Drones and UAV Designs can be managed via custom Ground Control Stations or via control apps through generic devices like tablets and mobiles. Our team can help customer’s architect sophisticated Drone Electronics with remote operation and real-time streaming of wireless HD video.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Drones and UAV Designs, Drone Electronics, Drone Electronic Designs, Drones and UAVsIn addition to Drones and UAVs, Mistral also has the expertise in design, development and integration of Unmanned Ground Vehicles. These UGVs can be designed for a wide variety of both civilian and military applications, for monitoring, surveillance, and hazardous tasks that pose unacceptable risks. Our UGVs can be fitted with multiple sensors like LIDAR, RADAR, Ultrasonic, and Ambient light among others. These Unmanned Ground Vehicle designs support autonomous navigation based on a predefined course or can be controlled remotely.

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Mistral's Drone and UAV Designs team has immense knowledge on the latest Drones and UAV Designs and custom Drone Electronic Designs. Our core expertise is in building Drones and UAVs, architect sophisticated Drone Electronics with remote operation and real-time streaming of wireless HD video.

Product Design Services

  • Headless, single or stereoscopic display
  • System Software Development
  • Middleware and Embedded applications
  • Prototyping and industrial design (ID)
  • Thermal, signal, power and structural analysis
  • Power and battery management
  • UI/UX and GCS Apps
  • FCC, CE, UL certification

Hardware Design

    • Small form-factor, multi-board designs
    • HDI PCB technology / Flex PCB designs
    • Multi-camera, multi-sensor integration design
    • PoP assembly

Embedded/Web Applications

  • Android framework customization
  • Custom flight control & image capture
  • Apps for Android/Embedded Linux/iOS
  • HMI for Control Panel and Base Station Unit
  • Gesture Control, Voice Recognition
  • App Development in HTML5, .NET, Qt/QML, Swift and Java with database servers
  • Database Servers: SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Application servers: IIS, Tomcat and JBOSS

System Software Development

  • Android/Embedded Linux firmware
  • Board Support Package and Device Drivers
  • Firmware Development for MCUs
  • BLE/WiFi connectivity
  • Hardware abstraction layer customization
  • Hardware accelerators integration
  • Boot time optimization

Sensor Integration and Connectivity

  • Multi-sensor Integration
  • Sensor and codec integration
  • CMOS and CCD camera integration
  • Media Streaming / Media Encryption
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyro, Temperature, Humidity, Compass, Magnetometer, Barometer, 9-axis MEMS, 6dof, ToF, ALS, Proximity
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, Type-C

Power and Battery Management

    • High efficiency power supply architecture
    • Multi-battery designs
    • Power optimization for extended battery life
    • Optimal heat dissipation


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Designs for surveillance drones equipped with latest SOCs, DSPs and a range of sensors including LiDAR, IR/Optical Camera, in additon to advanced AI algorithms, cutting-edge GCS Apps and UI.

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Drone designs that feature UHD cameras and support various imaging formats like RAW and DNG, low-light sensors, 3-axis gimbals in addition to longer flight duration, and advanced image analytics.

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Designs for farming drones equipped with compact multispectral imaging sensors, GPS map creation, heavy payload transportation and thermal-imaging camera for phenotyping, terrain modelling, disease identification, fertilizer and water management, livestock tracking, etc.

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Search and Rescue

Designs for search and rescue drones equipped with a range of sensors, LiDAR,infrared, and thermal cameras, weather detection, night operation, autonomous mode, good speed and longer flight range for the military, humanitarian aid, medical and food supply.

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Logistics Management

Designs for all-weather Heavy Payload Drones, ideal for logistics and warehouse management that feature IR/optical Cameras, GPS and GNSS, host of sensors, LiDARs & Radars for obstacle avoidance, Various Alerts and Warnings.

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Inspection and Survey

Designs for Inspection and Survey drones equipped with laser scanners, range of sensors and cameras, automated GIS analysis, LIDAR, photogrammetry payload, autonomous flight system, long flight time and range.