FPGA Design Services

Innovative and integrated embedded solutions using FPGA & Signal Processing Design Services that keep pace with technology progress and matching them to customer requirements.


Mistral’s Digital Signal Processing with Field Programming Gate Arrays (FPGA) include designing; building and deploying customized FPGA based solutions (Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Quicklogic, Lattice and Cypress) which integrate both custom FPGA firmware and hardware engineering. We also provide solutions on current generation FPGAs that come in three-dimensional silicon which use Stacked silicon Interconnect, leading to high density and high performance FPGAs.

We are a Certified Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program and have a strong FPGA design-to-deployment capability. Mistral’s expertise lies in building and deploying customized FPGA and Signal Processing designs and IP Cores that integrate custom software development and hardware engineering.

As an established company providing cutting-edge technologies and solutions, Mistral is committed to delivering the best FPGA and Signal Processing products and systems, meeting the unique requirements of the medical electronics, Aerospace and Defense industry.


  • Complex multi-million gate FPGA designs with core clocks up to 300MHz
  • ASIC prototyping on FPGA for early Software/Driver bring-up
  • Custom IP development and third party IP integration
  • Design Optimization for Area and Timing closure on FPGA
  • Power efficient FPGA based designs
  • RTL coding in VHDL and Verilog and High level Synthesis
  • Custom PLD and FPGA based Glue logic and IP design


Complete FPGA design services from device selection to proof-of-concept


  • Case Study

    Designing a medical device for fetal-maternal monitoring with GUI application

  • Product Brief

    ONFI 3.0 protocol compliant NAND Flash Controller

  • Product Brief

    Hyper-length FFT IP Core

  • Product Brief

    Digital Down Converter (DDC) IP Core

  • Product Brief

    PCM Telemetry Encoder

  • Technical Article

    Novel Algorithm towards lossy image processing using FPGA