HMI and Application Development Services that conform to
regulatory standards like FDA 21CFR820, IEC62304 & IEC62366

Scientific Applications

Mistral offers comprehensive Product Design and Scientific Applications Development Services for Scientific and Medical Instruments, aligned with various Industry Standards that meet regulations of European and US Markets. Life science is one of the fastest growing domains. The advancement in technologies, evolving regulatory processes and marketplace demands is adding increasing pressure on the domain to accelerate product development and make the industry more competitive. There are various factors that influence the success of a scientific product – system performance, connectivity features, technology used, etc. The HMI or User interface is one of the crucial components of Medical or Scientific Software Development and Scientific Applications that decides the success of a product. Mistral has exceptional knowledge and a comprehensive understanding on all essential parameters of a scientific instrument system, which enable us to design and build high-performance products with creative and intuitive user interfaces.

Medical and Scientific Applications

Scientific applications, Scientific applications development, Scientific software development , scientific software development, scientific product developmentMedical and Scientific Applications need to process and display multifaceted data in a simplified and user-friendly format to help the users solve complex analytical challenges quickly and easily. With over two decades of experience in the embedded domain, catering to a wide range of verticals such as industrial, medical, scientific, consumer, automotive and defense among others, Mistral has the right mix of expertise, skillsets and experience to handle strategically demanding and technically complex medical and scientific applications development projects. Mistral’s large multi-disciplinary Product Engineering team, that comprises of Software, Hardware, CAD and Application Development engineers, assure technically superior and high-performance Scientific Applications. Mistral adds value to Scientific software development through a hybrid project development cycle, using both V-Model and Agile methodologies, while leveraging our thorough understanding and expertise on the process of Application development and its impact on the end product. We help you design Class I, II, & III devices – from complex FDA-approved products to application development for wired and wireless devices. Our UI/UX Applications enable easy monitoring, control, management and data visualization of sophisticated scientific and medical devices. Mistral offers UI/UX and HMI Apps for portable, handheld devices, touch enabled laboratory instruments, scientific control panels and complex scientific automation systems that manage humongous amount of data and require superior performance and precision.

Mistral’s Scientific software development ensure cross-platform compatibility and responsiveness, making them easily adaptable to different screen sizes and resolutions such as handheld, portable and desktop devices. Mistral’s software and product development services for scientific and medical instruments guarantee superior data security, high reliability and efficiency. Our tried and tested approach to Scientific Software Development and application development enables us build solutions that help users manage sophisticated systems with ease, reducing system complexity, streamlining the laboratory operations, data / report generation, data management, etc. From data accuracy, data processing to recording & storage, our design engineers have expertise in all the crucial aspects of the scientific application development process.

Scientific Software Development

Scientific applications, Scientific applications development, Scientific software development , scientific software development, scientific product developmentMistral’s scientific software development and medical applications expertise includes design and development of low latency, low bandwidth Applications on low-power SOCs to high-end servers. Our expertise includes C/C++/Assembly application, Gateway configuration and control, Client applications, Protocol Development, data encryption, test automation software, Wireframes & prototyping, and Android, iOS and Hybrid Mobile custom App development. Our Medical and Scientific software development services offer amazing UI/UX along with Multi-platform HMI frameworks using popular tool such as Qt/QML, SWIFT, PHP/Python, Android, iOS, Cordova, .NET, C#, UWP, Electron and Xamarin among others. Our expertise in Medical and Scientific Applications Development ensures designs that meet the requirements of regulatory standards such as ISO 13485, ISO 14971, FDA 21CFR820, IEC 62304 and IEC 62366. Our Agile Development process proven over various projects assures UI/UX designs of high usability, superior performance and reliability.

Click here to read a case study on Scientific Software Development done for an  Automated Peptide Synthesizer.


With over 25 years of experience in embedded product design and sensor-based data acquisition; Mistral has unparalleled expertise offering scientific and medical applications that include design and development of low latency, low bandwidth Applications on low-power SOCs to high-end servers.

Product Design Services

  • Feasibility Study
  • Design, development and integration
  • HDI & Flex PCB designs and Sensor Integration
  • Hardware software co-design
  • Prototyping and industrial design (ID)
  • FCC, CE, UL certification
  • 21CFR11 gap analysis

Scientific software development

  • QT/QML Applications
  • AWS, Google Cloud, AZURE based solutions and Analytics
  • Application servers such as IIS, Tomcat and JBOSS
  • Dashboards, real-time plots, trending / historical data visualization
  • Customizable report generation modules
  • Remote monitoring and data analytics
  • MATLAB/Python based Algorithm integration

System Software Development

  • Android/Embedded Linux firmware
  • Board Support Package and Device drivers
  • Firmware Development for MCUs
  • RTOS and Bare metal software

Hardware Design

  • HDI and Flex PCB designs
  • Medical and Industrial sensor integration
  • Highspeed interfaces and low latency communication gateways
  • High speed Signal Integrity & Power Integrity simulation / analysis
  • High-efficiency power supply architecture
  • Design analysis for Power, Thermal and vibration requirements

Regulatory Standards

  • ISO 13485: Medical Devices Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14971: Risk Management for Medical Devices
  • FDA 21CFR820: Quality System Regulation for Medical Devices
  • 21CFR 11: Regulations on electronic records and electronic signatures
  • IEC 62304: Medical device software – Software life cycle processes
  • IEC 62366: Usability Engineering for Medical Devices


  • Qt/QML
  • C++
  • C#, UWP, .NET
  • PHP, Python, Golang, Angular JS, React, Vue, Node.js
  • Android, iOS
  • Cordova, Xamarin, React Native, Electron
  • AWS, GCP and Azure


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Life science instruments

Robust, high-performance HMI/PC Applications for Life science equipment, that meet the stringent needs specified by various regulatory standards like ISO 13485, ISO 14971, FDA 21CFR820, CFR 11, IEC 62304, IEC 62366.

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Analytical Instruments

Design and integration of intuitive, high-performance Scientific Web/PC Applications and HMIs for Medical and Scientific Instruments that constitute user-friendly dashboards, data analytics, performance indicators, and the latest communication technologies.

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Medical Imaging Systems

Cutting-edge HMI and PC Applications for Medical Imaging solutions that demand real-time ultra-high-resolution image processing, AI-image analytics with no or minimal latency and highly intuitive control panels.