Audio and Video Expertise

Comprehensive expertise in Digital Audio and Digital Video designs that address a broad range of professional audio designs, portable audio designs and video streaming applications. Our Audio Expertise and Video expertise include SDI, HDI to 4K Video Streaming designs for mobiles, in-vehicle gadgets, broadcast and interactive internet multimedia applications.


Mistral’s Video Streaming Designs along with audio expertise enable managing of multimedia content for a wide range of applications ranging from In-Vehicle infotainment, in-Flight entertainment, security and surveillance to Mobile devices, Digital Signage, Medical Electronics, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), assistive technology, internet devices, defense and aerospace.

Audio Expertise

Mistral’s Audio Expertise and Digital Video Designs ensure cost-effective  performance audio designs, portable audio designs for digital video streaming applications that involves design trade-offs for required system performance, hardware complexity, and power consumption.  Mistral’s audio and video expertise consist of portable audio designs, performance audio designs and digital video designs which includes 4K Video streaming, audio and video distribution encompassing capture, encode and transmission.

Video Expertise

Mistral has extensive video expertise and audio expertise in designing digital audio and digital video designs across platforms like Android, Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded and more based on high-end multi-core SoCs. Mistral’s experienced digital audio and digital video designs team can evaluate and propose technology solutions to implement complex audio and digital video designs with SDI, HDI and 4K Video streaming.

Click here to read a case study on a Multimedia Live streaming application designed by us.


  • Audio Drivers for Portable Audio Designs and Performance Audio Designs
  • Speech/Audio Codec, SPDIF, MIDI
  • Video Drivers: Video Codecs, Mini/WDM Driver for Video Streaming, MPEG2/4, H.264, MJPEG CODEC for enabling Video Streaming designs
  • Camera Drivers for different resolutions and frame rates
  • Camera controls for runtime configurations like dynamic range, focus, frame, resolution etc.
  • ISP Data processing; Color correction, 2D/3D noise filter, Auto-exposure and auto white-balancing
  • Display drivers: HDMI, DVI, LVDS, MIPI, S-Video


Our Audio and Video expertise cater to a wide range of applications


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