Android Development Services
Android HAL, Android Development Services and Android Product Development Services, Android HAL, Android HAL Design Services

With expertise in embedded product development and backed by a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of the Android Product Development framework and Android HAL, Mistral offers Android Development Services for a wide range of embedded devices based on this rich and evolving platform.

Mistral’s wide array of Android Development Services cover base porting, feature/application development, performance optimization, testing and validation and peripheral integration of Android on various hardware platforms.


Android HAL, Android Development Services and Android Product Development Services, Android HAL, Android HAL Design Services


Mistral has worked on various Android versions, from Marsh mallow, Lollipop, Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread and Froyo to earlier flavors like Cupcake, Donut and Éclair. Mistral’s Android Development Services team has comprehensive knowledge on Linux Kernel, Android Runtime, JNI, Android SDK, Android HAL, framework APIs, development tools, testing process and techniques to avoid pitfalls. The team is adept in using Android’s APIs for Location-Based Services, data, storage, networking, telephony, multimedia, and 3D graphics.

Some of the key Android Product Development projects Mistral has worked on include:

  • Head-mounted computer with micro-display and voice activated commands running Android Jelly-Bean
  • Handheld electronic magnifier for assisted vision with Android ICS
  • Passenger Control Unit for an In-Flight Entertainment System running Android Gingerbread
  • Mobile Internet Device (MID) that can be customized as a user interface for home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines etc. based on Android Gingerbread

Android Development Services Expertise

As part of its offerings in the Product Engineering Services domain, Mistral’s Android Development team offers a wide range of Android development services which include:

  • Base porting
    • Android porting and integration on ARM and x86 based hardware
  • Peripheral Integration and Android HAL Design Services
    • Design and implementation of Android HAL for various peripheral devices like: Display, touch screen, Audio, camera, GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi, RIL, USB, USB OTG, HDMI
    • Developing JavaClass, JNI API’s for non-standard peripherals
  • Feature development
    • Customization and enhancements to Android middleware like: Audio framework, power management, codec integration etc.
    • Customizing Stagefright / OpenMAX media framework
    • Customizing display, overlay, SurfaceFlinger and  AudioFlinger framework
    • Customized Android’s RIL (Radio Interface Layer) to support telephony
    • Integrating/Customizing Phone, Wifi, BT, RIL, storage  framework components
    • Implementing custom frameworks to support sensors like pulse oximetry, ALS, temperature, e-compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, Magnetometer, Biometric,   etc.
    • Customization of Android HAL Layer sources for Audio/Sensor/Touch Interfaces
  • Performance Optimization
    • System profiling to identify bottlenecks and tune components to bring out the best performance
  • Android Application development
    • Mobile application requirement analysis and conceptualization ( UI design, Prototyping, User stories)
    • Design, Development and Testing applications
    • Porting mobile applications between platforms and devices
    • Launching and distributing mobile applications
    • Posting application to Android Market
    • Providing maintenance and product support services
    • CTS execution for Android
    • Experience in developing applications based on following Android technologies: NDK,LBS, Multimedia, Streaming, Sensors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, USB, SIP, Animation & Graphics, OpenGL, Styles & Themes, Custom components and Custom Home applications
  • Android tools
    • Source management using REPO and GIT servers, GERRIT review tool, Android build system and debug tools
  • Testing and Validation
    • Automated tests using Android’s Instrumentation Framework
    • Verification and validation of Android solutions with an emphasis on Compatibility Test Suite
    • Android Test Harness to drive system testing from host PC over ADB link
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Android HAL, Android Development Services and Android Product Development Services, Android HAL, Android HAL Design Services email us at


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Multimedia Live Streamer

Software development for an Android multimedia device with Full HD (1080P) H.264 AV streaming transmitter and receiver.

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Android HAL, Android Development Services and Android Product Development Services, Android HAL, Android HAL Design Services

Android Binary Download for TMDSEVM3530


AWS Based Fleet Management Solution

Complete IoT application from Data Collection & Aggregation, Data Storage & Analytics for Android Client


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