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With in-depth knowledge of Android framework and Android HAL, Mistral offers a wide range of Embedded Android Development Services covering Android Product Development and Android Software Development for designing smart embedded devices and gadgets.


The Android Software Development framework has evolved a lot over the course of the past 15 years.  Mistral too has offered Embedded Android Development services, over the past 10+ years, starting from the early Cupcake, Donut and Froyo versions to the latest Nougat, Oreo and Pie versions. Mistral offers fast, efficient and cost-effective Embedded Android Development Services, that follow best-in-class Android architectural standards, aided by our comprehensive understanding of Android eco-system to help build scalable and sustainable Android products and devices. We also help our customers with Embedded Android Development and applications that are in harmony with latest security and privacy features provided by the Android Product development suite. Our Android Software Development Services offer customer’s an enhanced experience with improved connectivity APIs, high-performance codecs, and much more.

Mistral’s Android Software Development team is adept in using Android’s APIs and Android HAL development and customization for Location-Based Services, data, storage, networking, telephony, multimedia, and 3D graphics. Some of the Embedded Android Software Development Services and Android Product Development executed by us include small footprint, power-optimized designs like Wearable Headsets, Assistive technology devices, Drones and UAVs to industrial devices like Gateways and Smart Energy Meters.

Mistral’s Embedded Android Software Development Services team has comprehensive knowledge on Linux Kernel, Android Runtime, JNI, Android SDK, Android HAL, framework APIs, development tools, testing process and techniques to avoid pitfalls. With in-depth knowledge of Android framework and HAL, Mistral offers a wide range of Embedded Android Development Services covering Android Product Development and Android Software Development for designing smart embedded devices and gadgets. Our Android Software Development services covers base porting, Android HAL design services, development and customization, Android App development services, performance optimization, testing and validation, peripheral integration and android app development services on various single board computers, development platforms and custom hardware. Our Embedded Android Development services team has over the years worked on various versions of Android and Linux as they evolved, and have an in-depth understanding of the internals of both Linux and Android. Our years of experience on the Android platform has enabled us to provide Embedded Android Software Development services of varying complexity; from Android HAL, Application Development to Android Product Development; making us your partner of choice for designing your Android based Product.

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  • Android HAL development, porting and integration on ARM and x86 based hardware
  • Peripheral Integration and Android HAL Design Services
  • Display, touch screen, Audio, camera, GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi, RIL, USB, USB OTG, HDMI
  • Android HAL performance optimization by system profiling to identify bottlenecks and tune components to bring out the best performance
  • Developing JavaClass, JNI API’s for non-standard peripherals


Android Software Development and Android Product Development Services for embedded devices & smart gadgets


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