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COTS Systems

COTS Systems > Small form-factor systems

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
Parvus® DuraCOR® AGX-Xavier

Featuring military-grade ruggedization in a fanless IP67 aluminium enclosure, the DuraCOR AGX-Xavier enables system integrators to harness the supercomputer-class capabilities of the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier module.

Parvus DuraCOR 8042, modular mission computer Parvus DuraCOR 8042

SWaP-Optimized Tactical Mission Computer Subsystem with 5th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor optimally designed for size, weight, and power (SWaP)-sensitive mobile, airborne, ground, manned/unmanned vehicle and sensor applications.

MPMC-935x MPMC-935x

Multi-platform Modular, Rugged 3U 5-slot Mission Computer that supports OpenVPX architecture. It can be readily configured to meet the needs of any military or aerospace requirements, from benign laboratory to harsh avionics environments.

MPMC-9335, Rugged Mission Computer MPMC-9335

Compact Signal/Image Processing 3-slot 3U VPX™ System in a rugged enclosure providing 500GFLOP* performance with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA Fermi GPGPU capabilities.

MPMC-9020, Mission Computer MPMC-9020

Designed as Vetronics and Avionics computer, the Multi-Platform Modular Mission Computer supports two PMC/XMC mezzanine cards without requiring an additional single board computer (SBC) to drive the system.

COTS Systems > RADAR Systems

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
Handheld Ground Penetrating Radar

Handheld system for the real-time detection and location of buried and hidden objects like Anti-tank Mines, Anti-personnel Landmines (metal and non-metal) and IEDs in variety of soil conditions such as Sand, Red, Laterite, and Black Cotton.

Through-wall Radar

Portable handheld RADAR for the detection and location of static and/or moving targets, especially humans behind solid barriers or walls.

Next-generation DRFM , DRFM, Electronic Warfare Technology Next-generation DRFM

Rugged system consisting of RF Up/Down Conversion using modulator and demodulator that provides combined data acquisition and processing on a single platform.

TRMM - Airborne Systems, Airborne Electronics, Avionics Software Development, RADAR Electronics, RADAR Systems, RADAR subsystems TRMM

Compact T/R Modules designed for Phased Array RADARS operating in S-Band based on GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology. Delivers high efficiency in a compact size with a 100W Peak Transmit Power Capability per channel.

Communication Interface Unit, Radar Communication Interface IFF-Communication Interface Unit

FPGA based platform for effective communication between IFF RADAR sub-systems. The IFF-CIU has been qualified to confirm to Environmental (MIL-810F) and EMI-EMC (MIL 461E) based tests.

Pulse Mode Power Amplifier, GaN based Power Amplifier GaN based Power Amplifier

Small footprint S-Band 150W, GaN (Gallium Nitride) based device operates in Pulsed Mode and requires 50V DC Supply.

Transmitter Receiver Module, DTRM S-Band Dual Transmitter Receiver Module DTRM

An S-Band based Dual Transmitter Receiver Module (DTRM) with a GaN-based Power Amplifier that helps reduce the size and complexity of the overall amplifier module while ensuring increased efficiency and high-power operation of a radar system.

C-Band Synthesizer C-Band Synthesizer

Designed to provide all oscillator requirements for C-Band RADAR system using DDS techniques. With the power supply modules built into the system, the entire box is self contained with connector for 28V input power connector.

COTS Systems > Storage & Data Recorders

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
VPX6-SBM VPX6-SBM Storage Blade VPX/OpenVPX 6U

Rugged, compact, high-capacity, 6U VPX Storage Blade designed for defense and industrial applications.


Rugged, high-performance, reliable and power-efficient NAND flash State Drive (SSD) solution designed for defense and industrial applications.

Multi-channel data recorder, FibreXtreme Serial FPDP boards Quad Serial FPDP Recorder

Multi-Channel Serial FPDP board that supports up to a 5.0 Gb/s serial data link which utilizes a highly specialized communications protocol optimized for maximum data throughput.

COTS Systems > Video Management Systems

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description

Small form factor, lightweight, ruggedized Dual-channel HD/SD Video Recorder that supports both digital (HDSDI) and analog (RGB, S-Video, and composite) video.

Video Management Systems Video Management Systems (VMS)

Complete integrated video solution for airborne and ground platforms. The VMS includes rugged displays, video distribution and recording equipment that is scalable, highly interoperable and easy to install and reconfigure.

COTS Systems > Switches

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
Parvus DuraNET 3300

MIL-rugged 26-port Cisco IOS®- managed L2/L3 embedded Ethernet switch to operate in the harshest deployed military, aerospace, and industrial applications.

8-port Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Parvus DuraNET 20-11 Parvus DuraNET 20-11

Ultra-small form factor (SFF), rugged, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) 8-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch optimized for extremely demanding size, weight, and power (SWaP) constrained vehicle and aircraft platforms.

DBH-670, Digital Beachhead, Ground Vehicle Monitoring System DBH-670

Ethernet Switch and Vehicle Management Computer (VMC) built around a small and lightweight rugged chassis provide 16 ports of tri-speed 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet with a variety of flexible network switching features such as VLANs, multicast, and Quality of Service.

COTS Systems > Display Systems

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
AVDU Mission Displays - Rugged LCD Displays AVDU Mission Displays

For large video systems with several video inputs, on-screen VMS control and built-in video processing functions including optically-bonded glass and dual mode NVIS-compatible LED backlighting, and a rich feature set including a highly flexible video input capability and full touchscreen operation.

COTS Systems > Telemetry Solutions

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
PCM Telemetry Encoder: Telemetry Solutions, Airborne Telemetry Solutions PCM Telemetry Encoder

IRIG 106 compliant, FPGA-based PCM Telemetry Encoder with Data Acquisition, Conversion, Frame processing and PCM output section has been subjected to environmental test and has been qualified for airworthy application.

Integrated Telemetry Encoder, Telemetry Encoder Miniature Integrated Telemetry Encoder

Multi-channel PCM encoder with 1W transmitter, 1.5Ah Li-ion battery pack and 11-channel MEM sensor measures 60mm x 60mm x 80mm, and is smaller than a coffee mug.

Integrated Telemetry System: Telemetry Solutions, Airborne Telemetry Solutions Integrated Telemetry System

Multi-channel PCM encoder for a power range of 1W to 2W telemetry application, The Integrated Telemetry System integrates multi-channel PCM encoder, 1W transmitter, Transmitter antenna and 30 sensors of different types.

Dual Node Telemetry Encoder, Telemetry Encoder, FPGA based telemetry system Dual Node Telemetry Encoder

Microcontroller and FPGA based telemetry system that supports up to 62 electrical channels over-voltage and short circuit protection, expandable up to 256 channels, with two 1553B channels.