Qt Application Development

Designing stunning and intuitive Qt application with amazing user experience for custom and generic devices using the cross-platform development framework.


Mistral offers Qt application development services for a wide range of Scientific, engineering, medical, consumer, maintenance and industrial applications that run on mobile phones, tabs, PCs/laptops, media players, digital displays, set-top boxes, and other custom devices.

Mistral team has extensive experience in developing Qt applications, which helps them collaborate with product developers to create rich, intuitive and compelling user interfaces for their touchscreen, embedded or desktop applications. Our product engineering services are ably complemented by our application development services, acting as a one-stop-shop for end-to-end product development needs of our customers.

The team also provide complete IoT application development to address the business pain points of the customers in Industrial, Consumer and Enterprise domains.


  • Design, development and deployment of integrated applications for embedded, mobile, desktop and touchscreen devices using Qt Platform-native and customized UIs using Qt
  • Porting legacy applications to Qt
  • Software maintenance of Qt applications by adding new features and fixing bugs
  • Creating front-end and back-end implementation of components integrating Qt/C++ /QML and HTML5
  • Designing completely configurable displays and UI
  • Qt app development for Windows, iOS, Linux, VXWorks and Android


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