Defense Electronics Sub-systems

Complete System Engineering solutions for Aerospace and Defense

Embedded Defense Electronics

Cutting Edge designs for Aerospace and Defense solutions

Indian Defense Offset

Engineering complex electronic sub-systems for Make in India Defense Projects

Build to Print

Comprehensive Build to Print Services that meet stringent Aerospace and Defense Production needs
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Build to Specifications

Seamless build to specification services from Design to Production
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Mistral offers a wide range of aerospace and defense solutions and possesses superior expertise in cutting-edge defense electronics technologies. We cater to the changing needs of the defense sector, providing advanced systems, equipment, software and services. As one of the most promising aerospace companies in Bangalore, Mistral play a critical role in bolstering India’s defense capabilities and contribute to the country’s self-reliance in defense manufacturing. We foster collaboration with domestic and international partners, driving technological advancements and serving as a driving force behind the nation’s aerospace and defense sector.

Mistral offers unparalleled Aerospace and Defense Solutions and Product Engineering Services that cater to leading Indian Defense Contractors, Defense Electronics and Aerospace Companies in Bangalore and India. We are among the leading Defense Electronics India and Aerospace companies in Bangalore offering complete, end-to-end system engineering, build-to-print and build-to-specification services for developing complex Defense Electronics systems.

Designing complex Defense Electronics systems confronts numerous challenges, especially while implementing increasingly sophisticated systems of superior quality, high security standards and stringent certification criteria. Developers need to persistently create innovative and unique defense electronics systems and subsystems catering to the demanding needs of embedded Aerospace and Defense Solutions – all while improving the system performance, reliability, accuracy and robustness to meet stringent Airborne and MIL standards.

Mistral is one of the leading Defense Electronics and Aerospace companies in Bangalore offering complete, end-to-end system engineering, build to specification services. For over two decades, Mistral has been an active partner in various indigenous Defense projects – both Government Defense Labs and TIER-1 Defense Electronics Contractors – designing and developing advanced, compute-intensive, MIL Certifiable Aerospace and Defense solutions.

Defense Electronics Design at Mistral

Mistral is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and EN9100:2018 certified Aerospace company in Bangalore providing end-to-end solutions for product design, systems engineering and application deployment in the aerospace and defense domain. Mistral has over 25 years of experience in providing board and system-level Aerospace and Defense Electronics that meet the stringent requirements of rugged ground, airborne and naval applications. Being among the leading Defense and Aerospace companies in Bangalore, Mistral works with Aerospace and Defense OEMs involved in Make in India Projects, Defense R&D, Space Research Organizations and TIER-1 suppliers providing board and system-level defense solutions.

Defense Electronics, Defense Solutions, Aerospace and Defense, Aerospace companies in Bangalore, Indian Defense Contractors, Defense Electronics India, Aerospace companies in Bangalore, IndiaMistral’s Aerospace and Defense Electronics division offers rugged and sophisticated electronics sub-systems for Data Acquisition, Signal Processing, Data Recording, Transmit-Receive, Direction Finding, Tracking and Communication, Telemetry, and Video Capture and Processing, among others, for a wide range of Ground, Air, and Naval applications. Mistral’s tried and tested design and development processes enable us to deliver Defense Electronics products and solutions that meet stringent technical and performance needs, while ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards.

Aerospace and Defense Solutions

Mistral is a leading provider of comprehensive, end-to-end system engineering and build-to-specification services for defense organizations and Tier-I Indian Defense Contractors. Our expertise in embedded design and system engineering services enables us to provide cutting-edge solutions for complex, multi-layer hardware design, FPGA design, system software development, RADAR & Signal Processing App development, GUI application development, integration of multi-vendor COTS solutions, system integration, testing and validation, production support, deployment, and field trials.

Our defense solutions and defense electronics sub-systems designs are specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of Aerospace and Defense Electronics applications like RADAR, SONAR, Electronic Warfare, Airborne Systems, Naval Systems, and Airborne Telemetry. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who work with our clients to understand their unique requirements and develop customized solutions that meet their needs. We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects for some of the India’s leading defense organizations and Tier-I Indian Defense Contractors. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every project we undertake is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

Defense Electronics India

Being among the leading Defense solutions and Aerospace companies in Bangalore, Mistral provides cutting-edge Defense electronics – sub-systems and systems – to Defense Labs and TIER-1 Aerospace companies in Bangalore. Our engineering team is equipped to seamlessly handle complex designs and sophisticated systems, for a wide variety of Aerospace and Defense electronics applications. Our superior expertise and place us among the leading organizations for build-to-spec services and defense system engineering design and support.

Defense Electronics, Defense Solutions, Aerospace and Defense, Aerospace companies in Bangalore, Indian Defense Contractors, Defense Electronics India, Aerospace companies in Bangalore, IndiaMistral’s embedded design services and system engineering capability address the demanding needs of leading Defense Contractors in India. Our Aerospace and Defense capabilities that are complemented by long-term partnerships with global technology companies like Wind River, Curtiss-Wright, Elma, RTI, and Ansys among others, makes us one of the most reliable Defense and Aerospace companies in Bangalore and India. These global partnerships enable us to offer complete, holistic system engineering for Aerospace and Defense solutions that cater to the specific needs of our defense electronics India and Indian defense offset customers.

The future of Defense Electronics industry in India is very promising due to the increasing Defense budget, modernization of the forces, and programs like Make in India and Indian Defense Offset. Being among the leading Defense and Aerospace companies in Bangalore and India, Mistral is committed to providing leading-edge Defense solutions to Defense R&D Labs and Armed Forces of the country.

If you are looking for a trusted partner for your defense electronics sub-systems design and development needs, contact Mistral Solutions today. We will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a customized solution that meets your unique needs.


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System Engineering

Comprehensive System Engineering for Aerospace and Defense sub-systems that encompasses design, build, custom software development, board and FPGA design, multi-vendor COTS integration, testing and environmental qualification.

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Hardware Design

Embedded hardware design and development services for Aerospace and Defense that include MCU/SOC/DSP designs, high-speed digital/mixed-signal, FPGA, RFSOC, RF and Antenna designs etc.

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FPGA Design

Comprehensive FPGA Design Services including RTL Design, Signal Processing and Video/Vision Algorithm Acceleration, ASIC and IP Verification and support services.

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RF Design

Board and System-level RF design for HF to W-Band applications such as Wideband Radars & Transceivers, mmWave Radars, High-speed ADC/DACs, RF Synthesizers & Modulators, ECM, Telemetry, up/down converters, etc.

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PCB Design Services

High-performance, certifiable and thermally efficient Designs for RF, HDI, mixed-signal, multi-layer and multi-processor boards for various aerospace and defense applications.

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Industrial and Rugged Designs

Robust MIL-grade Industrial Designs for Aerospace and Defense systems and applications that meet key product considerations like ruggedization, durability, EMI/EMC conformance, environmental and safety standards.

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System Software

Development of system software, firmware, device drivers and Board Support Packages on various hardware architectures, Embedded OSes & RTOS.

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RADAR Signal Processing Apps

DO-178 Complaint Radar signal processing Applications for mission-critical and safety-critical systems with intuitive User Interface and advanced communication, command and control functionalities.

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UI/UX, HMI Applications

Creative, immersive and responsive UI/UX and HMI Applications to monitor, control and manage sophisticated Defense, Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Systems among others.

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