Defense Electronics

Complete System Engineering for Aerospace and Defense

Embedded Defense

Cutting Edge designs for Aerospace and Defense solutions

Indian Defense

Engineering complex electronic sub-systems for Make in India Defense Projects

Built to

Built-to-Print Services realizing Aerospace and Defense Production needs

Built to

Seamless build to specification services from Design to Production


Range of Aerospace and Defense solutions offering complete, end-to-end system engineering and build to specification services for Defense Electronics to Indian Defense Contractors and  Defense Electronics Companies for Make in India Defense Projects.

Engineers designing solutions for Aerospace and Defense Electronics face ever-increasing challenges of implementing increasingly complex systems while ensuring stringent product quality, security standards and certification criteria. They need to continually develop innovative and unique defense solutions for challenging embedded Aerospace and Defense electronics applications, while increasing product performance, reliability; and deliver accuracy and robustness that meet exacting MIL standards.

Mistral has over 20 years of experience in providing board-level and system-level Aerospace and Defense Electronics that meet the stringent requirements of air borne and naval applications. Mistral offers complete, comprehensive system engineering and build to specification services for designing complex Aerospace and Defense electronics to defense organization and Indian Defense Contractors. Our embedded design and system engineering services in the Aerospace and Defense solutions segment includes complex hardware designsystem software development, RADAR & Signal Processing Apps, GUI applications, integration of multi-vendor COTS products, system integration, testing and validation, production support, deployment and field trails.

Mistral is among the popular Defense and Aerospace companies in Bangalore, and work with leading Aerospace and Defense OEMs, Defense R&D, space research organizations and Tier 1 suppliers providing board and system-level of engineering solutions. Our Aerospace and Defense solutions and sub-systems offer end-to-end system engineering  that meet the complex requirements of Aerospace and Defense Electronics applications like RADAR, SONAR, Electronic Warfare, Airborne Systems, Naval Systems and Airborne Telemetry. Being among the leading Defense and Aerospace companies in Bangalore, Mistral provides varying Aerospace and Defense solutions for Indian Defense offset and Make in India Defense Projects. Mistral’s engineering team is equipped to handle the most complex design and systems issues for a wide variety of Aerospace and Defense applications like RADAR,  SONARAirborne TelemetryElectronic Warfare, Naval systems and Airborne systems, positioning us as a leading organization for build to spec services and defense system engineering design and support.

Our embedded design services and system engineering capability and our complex system engineering that address the needs of Indian Defense Contractors for Indian defense offset and Make in India Defense projects. These capabilities are complimented by our tie-ups with global technology leaders in the Defense domain like Wind River, Curtiss-Wright, Elma, RTI, Ansys among others, making us among the most well-known Defense and Aerospace companies in Bangalore offering complete, holistic system engineering for Defense and Aerospace solutions that cater to the specific needs of our defense electronics customers.


RADAR Electronic sub-systems for
ground, ship and airborne RADARS


SONAR Signal Processing systems for
CMS, Diver detection and Coastal Surveillance

Naval Systems

Complex and integrated sub-systems for data acquisition, processing,
data distribution and multi-function consoles

Airborne Systems

Single hardware to complete sub-system design complying
to DO-160, DO-178 and DO-254 norms

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare solutions including IFF,
ESM, ECM, DRFM and wideband jammers

Airborne Telemetry

Telemetry Encoders and Systems Compliant with
IRIG 106, Class 2 specifications