Build to Print Services

Proven Build to Print services, Build to Print Manufacturing for Aerospace and Defense production companies, sub-contractors and OEMs to take their complex design faster to production.


The recent Government policies and reforms in Defense Sector ‘Buy (Indian)’ and ‘Buy and Make‘ in India has been encouraging increased participation of private sector in defense production, especially build to print manufacturing. What is Build to print? Build to print Manufacturing is contract manufacturing based on the work instructions, assembly drawings and layout designs provided by the customer. In Build to print Services, customers may also define the grade/model of the components and detailed manufacturing practices to be followed during fabrication. Build to print is a process of manufacturing products, components, sub-systems or systems to match customer provided data. The customer provides production ready drawings, assembly / Build to Print Manufacturing instructions, and material details that facilitate Build to print services companies to fabricate and manufacture products that meet the defined requirements.

Mistral offers superior Build to Print Services for manufacturing complex products based on provided blueprints or specifications. Mistral offers advanced Build to Print Services for manufacturing complex products based on provided blueprints or specifications. Our Build to Print Manufacturing services cater to industries requiring advanced and specialized embedded systems such as aerospace, defense, and high-tech manufacturing. By leveraging Mistral’s Build to Print Services expertise, customers can streamline production, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market, enabling them to bring their innovative designs to life without the burden of manufacturing complexities.

Build to Print Services

Mistral, with over 25 years of experience in Build to Spec and Build to Print services, offer cutting edge defense solutions and Build to Print Manufacturing services. Mistral has the expertise and infrastructure to provide Build to Print services for complex defense systems. Our Build to Print services are based on proven and robust development processes that meet the research, development and Defense Build to Print Manufacturing criteria.

Mistral’s Build to Print Manufacturing services enables TIER-I defense manufacturers and Defense R&D companies develop complex boards, backplanes, sub-systems, rugged chassis or complete systems that meet customer specifications. We aim to continually improve critical manufacturing performance by deploying a process-driven improvement system alongside our trained team.

With two decades of experience in Board and System-level design in the aerospace and defense domain, Mistral’s Build to Print services for complex projects help Defense labs, sub-contractors and OEMs take their design to defense production at a reduced time period. Mistral’s defense production process involves consistent milestone scheduling, tracking and escalation procedure. Our production team holds regular reviews with customers and partners, establishing process control over the entire BTP activity.

Mistral’s proven Build to Print Manufacturing practices enable us define appropriate production process with assembly drawings and crucial work instructions. We help customers in BoM optimization and provide best in class PCB design and assembly at an optimized cost. Our Build to Print Services ensure that the product precisely meet customer specifications and quality criteria is met in every phase of production. Our highly skilled Build to Print Manufacturing team ensures timely project delivery, enabling reduced time to market.

Build to Print Manufacturing

Mistral’s defense production team actively involve with the customers in value engineering to optimize product and manufacturing cost. Our Build to Print services for defense production include sourcing component and COTS modules, custom hardware and software development, system integration, testing & validation, qualification and onsite deployment of critical electronics systems and sub-systems.

Mistral’s strong vendor eco-system for defense production aids quick and high quality Build to Print services ranging from fabrication, assembly, mechanical engineering to cabling and system integration. Mistral’s experience in design, manufacture and deployment of rugged and mission-critical assemblies and defense sub-systems combined with the highly competent production partner ecosystem, facilitates Mistral to manage small or large volume BTP for defense production, quickly responding to tight turnaround requirements.

Our collaboration with Avalon Technologies, a global ESM company, enables us to provide our customers with a seamless Build to Print Manufacturing experience. Avalon’s high-tech capabilities in Printed Circuit Assemblies (PCBA), Custom Cable & Wire harnesses, Metals, Plastics and Magnetics complements Mistral’s Build To Print services expertise, specifically in aerospace and defense domain, to provide customers a single stop solution for complex design, development, system engineering to production.

As a Build to Print services company, we understand the importance of delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions that meet your exact specifications. We have a team of experienced engineers and designers who work closely with our customers to develop custom solutions that meet their needs. One of the advantages of our Build to Print services and Build to Print Manufacturing is that we can offer you a complete end-to-end solution. This means that we can handle every aspect of your project, from design and prototyping to final production and assembly. This not only saves you time and money but also ensures that your project is delivered on time and to your exact specifications.

Mistral’s Build to print Services enables the customer to focus on their core research and development activity, while we ensure the product meets all criteria laid down by the customer. To know more about Mistral’s Build to Print Services and Build to Print Manufacturing expertise, contact the Technical Sales Team.


  • BoM optimization for Build to Print
  • Component Engineering
  • Firmware updates
  • Test-jig development and manufacturing software development
  • Component procurement
  • Software upgrades/enhancement
 Build to Print Services


Mistral’s range of build to print services for defense production includes:

Build to Print Services


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