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Small form-factor systems

Small form-factor systems

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description

The Multi-Platform Mission Computer MPMC-9365 mission computer is a leading-edge, flexible and rugged processing system that can be readily configured to meet any military or aerospace requirement.

MPMC-961x 6U

MPMC-961x Application Ready COTS rugged integrated system is the perfect solution to modularly expand capabilities on any system.


The MPMC-965x is an integrated information processing system, providing complete hardware and software solutions.


The MPMC-9366-0001 Multi-Purpose Modular Computer is a flexible, high-performance, RF-capable processing system packaged in a rugged enclosure for military and aerospace environments deployment.


The MPMC-9337 packs high-performance Intel® and NVIDIA® processing into a highly rugged 3U OpenVPX™ chassis, for deployed GPGPU-based signal/image processing applications that require additional onboard processing power, but must limit their size, weight and space (SWaP) burdens.

Parvus DuraCOR 313

The Parvus DuraCOR 313 is an ultra-small form factor (USFF) rugged embedded computer based on a low-power, quad-core Intel Atom x6400E Series (Elkhart Lake) processor equipped with unparalleled modularity for add-on I/O cards and data storage in a fanless IP67-rated miniature design.

Parvus DuraCOR 312

The Parvus DuraCOR 312 is an ultra-small form factor (USFF) modular mission computer built around the high-performance, yet power efficient NVIDIA Jetson TX2i supercomputer-on-a module integrated in a miniature rugged chassis.

Parvus DuraCOR 311

The Parvus DuraCOR 311 is an ultra-small form factor (USFF) rugged embedded computer/controller based on a low-power, quad-core Intel Atom E3845 (Bay Trail-I) processor equipped with a rugged Flash disk and PCIe-Mini Card I/O expansion slots.

Parvus DuraCOR 8043

Optimally designed for size, weight, and power (SWaP)-sensitive mobile, airborne, ground, sea vehicle and sensor applications, the Parvus DuraCOR 8043 combines powerful graphics and multi-core processing with ultra-reliable modular, mechanical robustness in a fanless IP67 design optimized for demanding civil and military platforms.

Parvus® DuraCOR® AGX-Xavier

Featuring military-grade ruggedization in a fanless IP67 aluminium enclosure, the DuraCOR AGX-Xavier enables system integrators to harness the supercomputer-class capabilities of the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier module.

MPMC-935x MPMC-935x

Multi-platform Modular, Rugged 3U 5-slot Mission Computer that supports OpenVPX architecture. It can be readily configured to meet the needs of any military or aerospace requirements, from benign laboratory to harsh avionics environments.

MPMC-9335, Rugged Mission Computer MPMC-9335

Compact Signal/Image Processing 3-slot 3U VPX™ System in a rugged enclosure providing 500GFLOP* performance with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA Fermi GPGPU capabilities.