Design and development of rugged, high-performance SONAR Sub-systems like underwater transducers, front-end signal conditioning units, signal processors, and display systems.


Mistral has wide experience in designing SONAR sub-systems for data acquisition and signal processing in various SONAR Systems like Diver detection, Coastal Surveillance, CIS/CMS etc.

With global partnership with leading organizations specializing in defense COTS like Curtiss Wright Defense and Wind River Systems and a strong hardware design and software development team, Mistral can provide custom solutions for various SONAR systems and subsystems like: Transmitters, Receivers, Beam Forming, Fire Control System (FCS) and Multi-function Displays.

These systems can be implemented for multiple platforms like submarines, carriers, fighters, frigates etc.

Mistral works closely with leading-edge defense R&D community in India has been actively involved is design and development of these indigenous electronics sub-systems implemented by the India Defense. Mistral is certified by CEMILAC for testing and validation for defense electronics sub-systems and all our designs ensure environmental compliance and EMI/EMC as per JSS55555, MIL STD 810D/G and MIL STD 461E.


Hardware Design

VME and VPX based Data Acquisition and Signal Processing System

SBCs and DSPs for multi-channel acoustic Data Acquisition and Processing

128/256 channel systems with synchronization of all the channels

Multi HSU (Hermetically Sealed unit) Synchronization

Multi-channel data recorders in VME and VPX form factor

sFPDP, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GbE, and Analog I/O

Rugged networked data storage solutions

Solid-state: SATA, DTS-NAS

Rotating Media: SATA, SBOD, NAS

Software Development

Qt based application development for SONAR Control software and display for Data processing, tracking and plotting

Networked system for high resolution graphical display

Waterfall, multiple waterfall, Color-code frequency-time, plan position indicator

Real-time and playback display option

VxWorks and Linux BSP and driver development for various I/O devices

Integration of beam forming and gain algorithms

System Integration

SONAR Systems supported

Passive Sonar System (PSS)

Intercept Sonar (IS)

Obstacle Avoidance Sonar (OAS)

High-frequency SONAR

Multi-function consoles / Rugged Video Mission Displays with simultaneous video feed

Environmental compliance as per JSS55555, MIL STD 810D/G and MIL STD 461E

ATE test set-up