Image Sensors

Expert services in single and multi- camera sensor integration for a wide range of embedded devices in automotive, medical, consumer, industrial, drones, security and surveillance applications.


Mistral’s image sensor/camera expertise includes camera integration of CMOS/CCD based camera modules, implementation of Coding Standards,development of camera interfaces, image/video pre-processing algorithms and/or compression and system software development to enable a new generation of smart cameras that represent a quantum leap in sophistication.

Some of our embedded devices designed by us with CMOS and CCD camera sensor integration have been implemented on various embedded processors like i.MX, OMAP35x, AM/DM37x, DM81xx etc. for Windows Embedded or Android or Linux platforms.


  • MIPI /CSI Camera Sensor Integration
  • Single or Multi-image sensor integration
  • CMOS Sensor Tuning


  • Case Study

    Small-footprint Hands-free Headset with 15 inch Virtual Display

  • Case Study

    iOS Application Development for photo/video capturing, editing, transferring and sharing for Drones

  • Application Note

    Developing products for video camera applications using the DM814x/AM387x SoC

  • Application Note

    Video Vision solution using the DM814xAM387x SoC from TI

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