Image Sensors

Camera image processing algorithms and single & multi- camera sensor integration expertise for enabling a wide range of embedded devices in automotive, medical, consumer, industrial, drones, defense, security and surveillance applications.


Camera Image processing is becoming increasingly critical with the development and proliferation of imaging-enabled consumer electronic devices. Because of their performance, flexibility, and reasonable cost, camera/ image sensors and camera image processing algorithms are used extensively in applications ranging from consumer, computer vision, industrial, defense, multimedia, sensor networks, surveillance, automotive to astronomy.

Mistral’s image sensor integration and camera expertise includes camera integration of CMOS/CCD based camera modules, implementation of coding standards, development of camera interfaces, camera image processing and/or compression algorithms and system software development to enable the new generation of smart cameras that represent a quantum leap in sophistication.

Some of the embedded devices designed by us with CMOS and CCD image sensor integration  and multi-camera designs have been implemented on various embedded processors like i.MX, OMAP35x, AM/DM37x, DM81xx etc. for Windows Embedded or Android or Linux platforms.


  • MIPI /CSI Camera Sensor Integration
  • Single or Multi- image sensor integration
  • CMOS Sensor Tuning


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    iOS Application Development for photo/video capturing, editing, transferring and sharing for Drones

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    Developing products for video camera applications using the DM814x/AM387x SoC

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    Video Vision solution using the DM814xAM387x SoC from TI

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