Application Development for a Secondary Emission Monitor

Secondary Emission Monitors (SEM) are flexible, easy-to-use tools used to test the chemical composition of materials. These devices work on the principle of secondary emissions of electromagnetic waves and have the capability to quantify or qualify nearly any element, depending on the instruments configuration.

A portable SEM (Secondary Emission Monitor) makes it easy to analyze samples that are large or heavy and cannot be moved from the site. The technology can be used for analysis in a wide range of applications in cement, metals, mining, petroleum, chemicals, environment and food industries. This case study showcases Mistral’s expertise in developing a PC based application for portable SEM devices.

The Customer

The customer is a pioneer in the field of lab and diagnostic equipment that provide rapid and accurate results for customers in medical, research, scientific, testing and applied markets.

The Requirement

The customer approached Mistral to provide a centralized solution for display, remote monitoring and data analytics for information captured by the SEM. The portable SEM would extract information pertaining to elemental analysis and would display information on an LCD panel inbuilt in the product. This data had to be transferred over a network to a host computer running a Qt application for further display and analysis. The collected data had to be simultaneously monitored by multiple users in real-time over a secure network.

Solution Provided

Mistral provided a comprehensive centralized solution for data management which included the following:

Development of a Qt based Host Application with an easy user interface supporting multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS X desktops.

This included:

  • Compliance to 21CFR11 standards that regulate electronic records and electronic signatures (ERES).
  • Integration of libraries for encryption of user data and remote monitoring, integration of Zbeacon class, Google protocol buffer framework and QWT plug-in for graphical analysis of secondary emissions data.
  • Custom development of Device manager to manage sessions between host application and analyzer devices.
  • Mistral integrated Apache, LGPL, GPLV3, BSD 2, BSD 3 Licenses and ensured all relevant license clauses were correctly captured, attributed and displayed.

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