IP Cores

IP Cores

Image Name Form factor Classification Processor Description
Digital Down Converter, Nand Controller, Nand Flash Controller, ONFI 3.0 NAND Flash Controller, Nand Flash Controller IP Core, Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm ONFI 3.0 Nand Flash Controller IP Core

A NAND Flash Controller provides easy access to ONFI 3.0 NAND Controller over an 8-bit wide interface to handle multiplexed command, address and Write/Read data sequences.

Digital Down Converter, Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm, FFT IP Core, Nand Flash Controller IP Core Fast Fourier Transform IP Core

An FFT IP Core allows the implementation of very long transforms on an FPGA using external RAM. The Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm from Mistral is designed for Run time Programmability and Optimal Resource Utilization.

Digital Down Converter FPGA, Digital Down Converter, DDC IP Core, Digital Down Converter IP Core, Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm, Nand Flash Controller IP Core Digital Down Converter IP Core

A wide-band Digital Down Converter FPGA IP Core on Xilinx and Altera platforms that provides DSP logic required to down-convert the desired frequency band. The Digital Down Converter FPGA Core is ideal for digital receivers used in defense and aerospace applications.