Designing a Modular Industrial Gateway

Industrial Gateway, IoT Gateway Design, IoT Gateway Devices, Modular Industrial Gateway, Industrial IoT GatewayA Modular Industrial Gateway is specifically tuned and designed for industrial environments and IoT applications. Like other IoT Gateway devices that operate at the edge of the network, an Industrial IoT Gateway connects devices and resources in the local network environment with remote assets for information/ data collection and aggregation. The modular Gateway can link systems employing diverse network protocols, while often providing on-board processing to secure, filter and manage complex data flows. These IoT based edge devices can receive data flows from hundreds of individual sensors, and other devices – over network schemes like Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and funnel them to the network edge where the data can be processed or transmitted. This Modular Industrial Gateway case study showcases Mistral’s expertise in providing end-to-end product design and development of various Industrial Automation solutions, in this case, the design and development of an Industrial IoT Gateway.

The Customer

The customer is one of the leading companies of the industrial sector that manufactures devices and software with next generation production systems like Modular Industrial Gateway and Energy Meters. The company provides turnkey solutions for monitoring the productivity potential of industrial sites and commercial buildings.

Industrial Gateway Requirement

The customer approached Mistral to design and develop a Linux based Modular Industrial Gateway. They were looking to build an Industrial IoT Gateway / RTU / IoT Gateway Design which would capture industrial parameters like temperature and pressure while generating notifications if the parameters cross a defined upper or lower limit. The main features of the Modular Industrial Gateway are:

  • The Industrial IoT Gateway Design had to gather or deliver data over MODBUS protocol and IEC62056-2 with a Web based GUI for Configuration and Monitoring
  • The Modular Gateway had to be compliant to multiple safety and security certifications and regulations (EN 55022, EN 55024, IEC 61000)
  • Event-based logging functionality
  • Automatic SMS and e-mail notification triggered by defined alarms
  • Configuration and Monitoring support through Modbus TCP
  • Automatic Meter Reading Web-service Client
  • Had to support for both 2G and 3G GSM, GPRS Interface
  • Connection to Open VPN servers
  • Connect to VPN servers supporting PPTP and IPSec
  • SNMP support, trap broadcast
  • Multiple digital / analog input and output interface support
  • Support for multiple types of RTDs
  • DIN2 enclosure
  • The Industrial Gateway supports Modbus Slave RTU devices
  • Multi Language support
  • Supporting role based multi-user and multi session.

IoT Gateway Design Provided

Mistral developed the complete Modular Gateway, managing the entire product development cycle from concept to production. The Industrial IoT Gateway design and development included, hardware design, porting of Linux, web-based UI development, middleware development and product qualification.

The  IoT Gateway design is built around Texas Instruments Sitara processor with following features:

  • Eight Analog inputs and Two Analog outputs
  • Two RTD inputs
  • Eight Digital IOsIndustrial Gateway, IoT Gateway Design, IoT Gateway Devices, Modular Industrial Gateway, Industrial IoT Gateway
  • Four Relay controls
  • Quad Band and 3G Data connectivity
  • Operating supply range: 9-36V
  • Operating temperature range of -20 C to 70 C

The initial Industrial IoT Gateway Design was done on a reference platform, for early software development. Mistral used this development platform as a reference design, customized it to meet the form factor requirements of the prototype and developed the solution. The Web based/GUI was developed for configuration and monitoring the Industrial IoT Gateway Design. Based on the parameters defined, the Gateway provides alarms and notifications to the user. Mistral designed the Modular Gateway or  IoT Gateway design in two stages – Functional completion that includes design, development and second the Certifications and production worthiness activities.

Read the full case study about the Modular Industrial Gateway to know more about Industrial  Gateway certifications, Web and I/O Drivers implemented, Embedded Database and more.