Radar Controller and Processing Unit (RCPU)


The Radar Controller and Processing Unit (RCPU) is a radar sub-system providing resources for Radar Signal Processing, Radar Data Processing, Radar Controller Functions and Radar Data Recording. Radar Controller and Processing Unit

The RCPU consists of the following line-replaceable units (LRUs)

  • Signal Processor Unit (SPU)
  • Data Processor and Controller Unit (DPCU)
  • Radar Data Recorder Unit (RDRU)
  • Power Distribution and Control Unit (PDCU)

This Case Study highlights Mistral’s expertise in the architecture and design of the signal processing unit for the radar sub-system to meet the requirements of data processing.

The Customer

A leading Defense Lab selected Mistral to design, build and integrate a system capable of functioning as a Radar Signal Processor

The Requirement

The customer’s requirement was to design and integrate a solution that meets their overall functional and performance criteria; while adhering to the longevity, product lifecycle management and integration norms. The solution had to meet the following requirements:

  • Equipment mechanical dimension constraints: 1500mm x 550mm x 474mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Radar Signal Processor:
    • 6U VPX COTS product based on PowerPC
    • Support for sFPDP based communication
    • High-speed communication channels between boards
    • Power supply unit consisting of DC to DC converter modules and a
    • filter module to cater to the system needs of +3.3v, +5v, +12v and -12v

Solution Provided

Mistral is a professional design services company with extensive experience in embedded hardware and software development for Mil-Aero applications. This capability, in conjunction with partnerships with leading embedded solution providers like Curtiss-Wright and Wind River Systems, enabled Mistral to provide a complete solution to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Mistral developed a system comprising of the following components:Radar Controller and Processing Unit

The RCPU enclosure was made of light; non-ferrous material to withstand and sustain the extreme environmental conditions that it will be exposed to

The RCPU enclosure consists of the following:

  • Signal Processor (SP) LRU
  • Data Processor (DP) LRU
  • Wide Band Recorder (WBR) LRU
  • Power Distribution & Control Unit LRU
  • Connectors in the right side panel of RCPU enclosure
  • Liquid cooling Mechanism for the LRUs inside the RCPU enclosure
  • Isolated platform for the LRUs to negate the Vibrations and shocks from the RCPU enclosure
  • Power status indicators of the LRUs

The Signal Processing LRU consists of:

  • Liquid cooled Chassisforconduction cooled VPX boards
  • Customized VPX backplane
  • Customized Power Supply Unit consisting of DC to DC converter modules and a filtermodule to caterto the system needs of +3.3v, +5v, +12v and -12v
  • Customized Front Connectors Panel to connect signals from VME64x boards
  • Radar Signal Processor based on five 6U VPX COTS based Quad Dual Core PowerPC Processor boards, each having an XMC site
  • VPX Fire Blade Ethernet Switch to communicate with externalsub-systems and intra board communication
  • XMC site populatedwith sFPDP card

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