Advanced Highway Patrol Vehicles with Live Video streaming and GPS Tracking

Sophisticated highway patrol vehicles are designed to enhance law enforcement capabilities on the road. These specialized vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features that allow law enforcement officers to quickly and effectively respond to emergencies, traffic accidents, and other incidents on the highway.

Mistral’s Highway Patrol Vehicles are fully equipped, custom-designed robust vehicles, integrated with specialized surveillance, communication & monitoring equipment for emergency response on highways. These first responder vehicles are designed for traffic management and prevention of crimes on highways. The Highway Patrol Vehicle (HPV) provides an enhanced sense of safety and security to highway Commuters by ensuring smooth traffic flow and managing any impediments due to accidents or other unlawful incidents. Highway Patrol Vehicles, Highway Patrol VehicleThis case study showcases Mistral’s expertise in design, integration, and commissioning of advanced Highway patrol vehicles, that feature superior monitoring, communication and control systems.

The Customer

The Highway Patrol Vehicles are designed for Karnataka State Police who were keen on inducting modern patrol vehicles equipped with modern communication, surveillance and monitoring systems.

The Requirement – Highway Patrol Vehicles

The Karnataka State Police had approached the industry for high technology solutions to enhance road safety and reduce crimes on the highway. Mistral was awarded the contract to design and integrate a modern surveillance system into an SUV platform for 24×7 patrolling of highways and smooth traffic management. These Highway Patrol Vehicles had to have advanced surveillance and communication equipment to ensure traffic discipline, and emergency management on highways.

Equipment requirements for Highway Patrol Vehicles:

  • Pan-tilt Zoom Surveillance Cameras
  • Network Video Recorders and Communication Consoles
  • GPS Tracking & 4G based Video transmission
  • Central Monitoring Station
  • Public Addressing System
  • Search/Emergency Light
  • Alcohol Breath Analyzers
  • Rescue tools – Crowbar, Axe, Snatch strap
  • UPS Power Supply

The Highway Patrol Vehicle would be on the move round-the-clock. Any information received by police control room about any unlawful incident along the highway, would reach the police on patrol vehicles in no time. These Highway Patrol Vehicles enable prevention of crime along the highways and assistance to accident victims.

Design and Integration of Highway Patrol Vehicle

Mistral designed and integrated Highway Patrol Vehicles with special-purpose equipment and custom-made components such as PTZ surveillance camera, Top-bar LED light, Pan-Tilt searchlights, etc. for patrolling and monitoring the traffic on Highways.

The Highway Patrol Vehicle is built using Toyota Innova CRYSTA which was supplied by the Karnataka State Police. Below are the details of equipment integrated into the Highway Patrol Vehicles:

Highway Patrol Vehicles, Highway Patrol Vehicle

  • Custom-designed PTZ Camera – A 30X Pan-Tilt-Zoom Surveillance camera to provide a panoramic/long-range view of the traffic, even during critical conditions. It enables remote adjustment of the camera to pan, tilt and zoom into objects with the high-resolution video quality.
  • Fixed Camera – A 1/2.8″ CMOS, full HD camera is fitted on the rear side of the vehicle.
  • Advanced Video Analytics (at Control Rooms) – To enable traffic enforcement, various customer-centric analytics like ANPR, Speed Monitoring, Triple Riding, Helmet detection, etc. have been enabled at the central control room effective traffic and safety management.

Monitoring & GPS Tracking of Highway Patrol Vehicles

  • Live Tracking of Highway Patrol Vehicles
  • Live Video Feed Monitoring from Central Command Centre and designating officers through their mobile devices
  • Real-time Positioning
  • Geo-Fencing

Command & Dispatch

An IP based Command & Dispatch communication system is provisioned inside the Vehicle enabling Control Room operators to communicate with the police personnel in Highway Patrol Vehicles and vice versa.

Statistics & Reports

Highway Patrol Vehicles offer crucial reports on Malfunction, Business & Illegal reports, Device Logs and Operation Logs among others, in addition to Alerts and Alarms.

Vehicle CAN data

The integrated VMS software in Highway Patrol Vehicle allows the officers in Command Control Room to access the CAN data like speed, remote start and stop in case of emergency, fuel level, etc. of the vehicle for remote monitoring and decision making.

Public Addressal and Traffic Management

  • PA System
  • Expandable Reflective Traffic Delineators / Barricades

Managing Traffic Violations

  • Breath Analyzer
  • Speed Gun, ANPR

Rescue & Emergency response

  • Rescue Tools (Snatch Strap, Foldable Saw, Crowbar)
  • First Aid, Stretcher

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