Power Integrity Analysis

Power Integrity or Power Distribution Network Analysis has become critical given the complexities in low voltage, high current, high performance, compute-intensive devices.


With the increasing complexities in PCB Design, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Analysis of the circuit boards are gaining unprecedented significance. Designing a good PDN & performing power integrity analysis is the key for low voltage, high transient current, high-speed and high-density designs. A robust Power Distribution Network (PDN) supplies a clean and stable voltage to various components and ensures reliable performance of the hardware. Power Integrity Analysis is important to develop reliable designs and also to identify and troubleshoot probable issues early in the design phase. Finding the impedance at different locations on the board is often critical in power integrity analysis. Impedance varies based on the position of capacitors, mounting methods and the type and value of capacitors used on the board. This process, also known as decoupling analysis, will help in determining and minimizing the impedance between the source and load at various frequencies. Mistral has years of expertise in Power Distribution Network Analysis Services and offers proven Power Distribution Network (PDN) models and flawless power integrity analysis services essential for high speed complex designs.

Power Distribution Network Analysis Services

Mistral has proven experience in Power Distribution Network Analysis methodologies to achieve better Power Integrity (PI), which include plane resistance/inductance, via current capability, current density, appropriate layer selection, target impedance, decoupling capacitor (type, quantity and values) and capacitor mounting inductance. High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs are gaining more popularity to address the needs of complex, small form factor designs. HDI PCBs may have higher EMI due to smaller vias and densely packed components, and thereby higher impact on the power integrity of the board.

Mistral helps you design complex PCBs with minimum power supply output variation, least interference between traces and the PDN, while adequately managing the power dissipation. Mistral has immense experience designing, developing and deploying numerous complex HDI PCBs with superior signal integrity and power integrity expertise for various applications in Avionics, Industrial, Medical, Telecom and Automotive among others.

PDN Analysis Services

Mistral is an embedded design company with 20+ years of experience in PCB Design and Analysis. Mistral is proficient in Power Distribution Network Analysis Services and has abundant exposure to several simulation and analysis methods such as DC voltage drop analysis, decoupling analysis, noise analysis, Power planes and split planes validation and PDN analysis among others. t Mistral, signal integrity and power integrity analysis services have been done by a collective collaboration between the board design and PCB design teams, as the design moves from the early concept stage to a finished product.

From board design engineer who is responsible for the board schematic to the layout designer who handles physical implementation and the PI expert who is responsible for overall PCB PI analysis, Mistral has a highly streamlined procedure for Power Integrity Analysis. Mistral believes that the use of right design and simulation tools as well as quick design decisions, save weeks’ worth of time in PCB design and Layout. Mistral has deployed all leading SI and PI simulation and design analysis tools such as Siwave, HFSS, HFSS 3D, ANSYS EDT, Cadence Sigrity, Hyperlynx and ADS among many others.


  • PI Analysis Layout optimization
    • Power plane optimization
    • Via count and placement
    • Decoupling capacitor placement
  • DC Noise Analysis
    • Simulation of plane noise
 Power Integrity Analysis


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