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MFi Designs and Apple Device Integration services for product developers building  world class products that interface with the iPhone, iPod and iPad.


Mistral is an MFi Design Partner and offers Apple Device Integration services to product developers building iPhone/iPad/iPod compatible devices and applications. We can design and develop hardware or software for an MFi Licensee, and provide Apple Device Integration services to develop accessories to use in connection with Apple Products. As an MFi Design Partner, we have access to hardware components and up-to-date technical specifications released by Apple for Apple Device Integration and iOS Application Development for Apple accessory devices.

Our Apple Device Integration and iOS Application Development Services help customers planning to build iOS based and compatible devices. Our expert team support customers in development of hardware that interface to the iPod/iPhone/iPad, related software integration and working with non-OS/micro-kernel devices to integrate communication with Apple devices.

Click here to read an Case study on an iOS Application Development for Drones.


  • Apple MFi designs authentication and Apple Device Integration standards compliance
  • Audio accessories based on LAM module over lightning connector
  • Design optimization to match iPhone’s power budget
  • Accessory design meeting Apple Device Integration,  form factor and component placement guidelines
  • Minimum interference to Apple device from RF and audio in/out of accessory device
  • Choice and placement of buttons for better usability
  • Designs for Audio enhancement, Data sync, Wi-Fi access point, Power banking


Apple Device Integration and iOS App Development for MFi Licensees


  • Case Study

    Apple Devicec Integration for iPhone based Remote for controlling the various IR devices

  • Case Study

    iOS Application Development for photo/video capturing, editing, transferring and sharing for Drones

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