RTM-Breakout Card

RTM-Breakout Card for Keystone II EVMs (RTM-BOC)The Rear-transition Module – Breakout Card (RTM-BOC) from Mistral is an eight layer plug-in module for the Keystone II family of Edison, Hawking and Kepler EVMs showcasing the multi-core DSP+ARM KeyStone II System-on-Chips from Texas Instruments. These EVMs are double wide AMC form factor cards which provide Hyperlink, AIF2, and XFI interfaces over the AMC.4 µTCA interfaces.


The RTM-Breakout Card provides high-speed digital data interface to the RTM connector (AMC.4 µTCA) for validating the 10GigE, Hyperlink, and AIF2 subsystems of the Keystone II SOC on the EVMs. In addition, the RTM BOC contains four Gigabit Ethernet ports with PHY to support the SGMII lanes on the RTM connector.
The RTM BOC primarily consists of Retimer chip for 10G Ethernet, Quad port Ethernet PHY for 1G Ethernet and external interfacing connectors.

The RTM BOC board provides the following four interfaces:

  • AIF2
  • XFI(10Ge)
RTM BOC Interfaces EVMK2H(EVMK2HX) TCIEVMK2X(XTCIEVMK2X) EVMK2EX(XEVMK2EX) ………………………Remarks………………………
 1 G Ethernet(SGMII-4 ports)  NA  NA  √  Hawking and kepler series processor does not have SGMII port support on RTM connector.
 Hyperlink -Port1  √  √  √  Hyperlink is DSP to DSP communication interface. Need 2 RTM BOCs and 2 keystone II EVMs for verifying this functionality.
 Hyperlink -Port2  √  √  NA  Edison series processors have only one hyperlink port support.
 AIF 4 lanes  NA  √  NA  66AK2H14/12/06 & Edison series processor does not have AIF interface support.
 10G Ethernet (XFI-2 ports)  √  √  √  66AK2H12/06 processor does not have 10G support. 66AK2E02 & AM5K2E02 processor does not have10G support.


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