Craneboard, from Mistral, is a hardware development platform that enables customers to develop general purpose computing and other craneboardapplications based on the Sitara AM3517 ARM Cortex – A8 microprocessor device. Craneboard is a low cost, open source reference platform to help the developer community leverage the benefits of the AM3517 processor while leveraging a host of exciting peripherals.


The AM3517 processor from TI comprises of Microprocessor Unit (MPU) TM sub-systemedn_100 based on ARM Cortex – A8 microprocessor, POWERVR SGX Graphics Accelerator sub-system for 3D graphics acceleration to support exciting Graphical User Interface options while maintaining fast and fluid transitions display and gaming effects and Display sub-system with several features for multiple concurrent image manipulation, and a programmable interface supporting a wide variety of displays.


For community information, support and updates on CraneBoard development kit, please visit  The Craneboard kit is a hardware only kit without cables, all related documentation can be downloaded from


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A basic feature demo of Craneboard


Case Study

ePOS - Electronic Point of Sale

Electronic Labeling Solution

Customizing the Craneboard for an Electronic Labeling Solution

Software Download


Angstorm Download for CraneBoard


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