ePOS and Biometrics Solutions

With the advent of Internet of Things, the main challenge facing the industry in ePOS and biometrics solutions is developing increasingly secure systems and protecting data collected.


Bio-metrics Designs and ePOS solutions have become inherent to any application and is being increasingly used to recognize individuals and regulate access to services, information, physical spaces and to other rights or benefits. The reason for popularity of these ePOS and Bio-metrics expertise are diverse. Mistral’s Bio-metrics Designs and ePOS solutions include convenience and efficiency of regular access transactions, reduction in fraud, and enhanced safety and security. Biometric technology enables measurements and calculations related to human characteristics. Biometrics and ePOS solutions are used for billing, identification and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance. One of the key aspect of ePOS and Bio-metrics Expertise in the design and development of Bio-metrics  and ePOS solutions is to understand the demands and operating environment of various industries like hospitality, leisure, retail and fast-food industries etc. ePOS and Biometrics identifiers are distinctive, measurable characteristics used to label and describe individuals. Specialist business technology is one of the critical aspects for the efficient performance of ePOS solutions. From small, customized solutions to large-scale enterprise implementations, Mistral’s ePoS solutions and Bio-metrics Expertise ensure accurate pricing, faster transactions, reduced human error and improve data integrity.

Biometrics Solutions 

Leveraging on 25 years of expertise in the design and development of embedded systems, Mistral delivers robust, high-performance Bio-metrics expertise and ePOS solutions. Mistral has over the years helped design ePoS solutions and Bio-metrics Designs to cater to different customer needs. Mistral’s design and development services for Biometrics and ePOS solutions include: terminal hardware and GUI, integration of printer, Barcode scanner, PDQ Terminal and Tablet/ iPad application for remote access. Biometric Technology and ePOS solutions enhance customer experience by managing inventory, invoices, bill payments  and other accounting entails. Mistral’s ePOS and bio-metrics expertise enable product developers to build solutions that help in crime prevention, avoid fraud and protect identities for various other applications, such as access control and employee/applicant background checks.

ePoS Solutions

By understanding the sensitivity of the information being collected by these Biometric technology and ePOS Solutions based applications, our team has the experience and expertise to select the ideal SoC for the design. Security is key concern in ePOS solutions as they access and transmit critical financial data. Mistral’s Bio-metrics expertise and ePOS solutions incorporate various Hardware and software encryption techniques to meet PCI or EMV security standards. AES, 3DES, PKA and RSA are some major encryption techniques used by us in our Biometrics and ePOS solutions. Mistral also helps identify and select related interfaces and peripherals; and develops the necessary hardware design and software layers to implement ideal ePOS and Biometrics solutions, incorporating tamper detection mechanisms and other extreme security measures required for these devices. Our ePOS solutions and Bio-metrics expertise include designing of small, light-weight, and battery powered systems, integration various interfaces and functions such as display, card reader, keypad and printers capable of transacting sales and performing a secure remote electronic payment.


ePOS and Biometrics Solutions

Hardware Design

ePOS solutions and Biometrics solutions based on latest MCUs and SoCs

ePOS Solutions with Smart Display and Capacitive multi-touch

WiFi, 10M/100M/1G Ethernet, USB, WWAN, 2G/3G modem

Integration of biometric technology and ePOS solutions with existing networks

Mechanical Design and Fabrication

Software Development

Android / Embedded Linux/ Windows Embedded Firmware

Board Support Package and Device drivers for ePOS solutions and biometrics solutions

Hardware software co-design for ePOS and Biometrics solutions

ePOS and Biometrics Solutions

Biometric Technology (Sensors)

Resistive, Optical and Prism

Image capturing and processing

Tamper Detection

GPS navigation

Accelerometer, Gyro

Production Support

Standard EMS Service with Class 10,000 Clean Room Facility

Product sustenance services

FCC, CE, UL certification

ePOS and Biometrics Solutions

ePOS and Biometric Technology Standards

ISO/IEC 19794-4 , ISO/IEC 19794-2

FIPS 201 PIV , ISO 14443A/B

ISO/IEC 14443-2:2010


MIFARE, Felica, ISO7816,T=0,T=1

ISO/IEC 7816-1:2011


Compliance Trials and Testing

High-level assembly and integration testing for ePOS and Biometrics solutions

Burn-in tests


ePOS and Biometrics Solutions


ePOS and Biometrics Solutions


ePOS and Biometrics Solutions


ePOS and Biometrics Solutions



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