Intel based Designs

Expertise in Intel Processor based Designs using Intel ATOM, i7, Quark, Xeon processors. We help product developers prototype and build custom form factor Intel based designs.


Intel processors have continued to drive the advances in the embedded domain, be it performance, power, graphics, security or hardware miniaturization. Intel Processor based designs offer superior processing speed, graphics quality and media performance, improved security and manageability and low power consumption with a reduced footprint. Intel architecture encompasses a combination of microprocessors and supporting hardware that creates the building blocks for a variety of computing systems.

Intel processor based Designs

Mistral offers custom Intel based designs for a wide range of product and applications. Mistral brings in two decades of unmatched experience in providing Intel processor based designs on Intel’s wide range of processors and SoCs, including Intel i7 based designs, Intel Xeon, Intel Baytrail based designs, Intel ATOM based designs and Intel Quark based Designs. Our expertise in Intel processor based designs include, Product Design, Hardware Design, BSP & Drivers development, Firmware, Embedded Applications, Design for Manufacturability, Production Support Services, Product Lifecycle Support and Testing & Validation.


  • Intel Processor based Designs for Single Board Computers, PoS Handheld Devices, Tablets,  Medical Devices, Mobile Internet Devices, Telecom Gateways, Automotive Electronics
  • Wireless Designs
  • Mixed signal designs
  • Low power, Battery-powered designs
  • Audio and Video
  • Design integration


Custom Intel Processor based Designs for Intel i7, ATOM, Baytrail and Intel Quark platforms include


  • Case Study

    Re-engineering of an obsolete Locomotive controller

  • Product Brief

    Intel ATOM based design of a Single Board Computer

  • Technical Article

    Product Design Constraints & Optimization