6U VITA-46 VPX Intel ATOM based Designs (Intel ATOM SBC) based on E640T Intel ATOM Processor provides high-performance, low power architecture with various I/O capabilities.

Intel SBC, Intel Atom SBC


The Intel Atom SBC from Mistral is one of the powerful Intel ATOM based designs that adheres to MIL-STD-810 for environmental compliance and MIL-STD-461 for EMI/RFI/tempest secure systems. The high-performance Intel Atom SBC is qualified for a wide range of Airborne applications and sub-systems. The Intel SBC complies with the 6U VITA-46 VPX standard and is designed to meet the stringent needs of a range of Aerospace and Defense applications. The Intel ATOM SBC is one of the most powerful Intel ATOM based Designs in the market and can be used as a controller or an I/O card in advanced Defense Applications. The Intel SBC has an ARINC429 interface (3 Transmitters and 8 Receivers) and one dual-redundant 1553B channel on the VPX backplane. Mistral has extensive experience in Intel ATOM based designs and also offers custom design and development services on various Intel platforms.

E640T based Intel ATOM SBC

Mistral’s Intel ATOM SBC is a 6U VITA-46 VPX based Single Board Computer built around the E640T Intel ATOM SoC. The VPX Intel SBC based on E640T Intel ATOM Processor combines high-performance and low power architecture with various I/O capabilities. The Intel SBC is based on the Intel Atom™ Processor E640T, a low-power Architecture core with a speed up to 1.0GHz. The DDR2 memory interface to the SoC on the Intel SBC has a total capacity of 2GB and speeds up to 400MHz. The Intel Atom SBC supports High-definition Audio (HDA) interface to drive a speaker terminated at the VPX connector.

Intel SBC Expertise

Mistral has extensive experience in Intel ATOM based designs and offers custom design services on various Intel platforms. Mistral also offers custom Intel ATOM SBC designs for a wide range of applications and advanced products. Both defense and commercial. Intel’s latest generation processors are a game-changer for embedded military DSP and SBC system designs. Mistral has over two decades of unparalleled experience in providing Intel ATOM based designs for a range of defense, industrial, medical and commercial applications. Mistral has expertise on a wide range of Intel processors and SoCs, which includes Intel ATOM, Intel i7, Intel Xeon and Intel Baytrail, among others. Mistral provides Intel SBC designs that are energy-efficient, compact and offer an incredible balance of performance and power efficiency.

These SBCs are based on Intel’s Atom processor architecture, which provides a low-power computing platform suitable for a wide range of applications. The Intel Atom SBC designs integrate various features, including multiple I/O interfaces, expansion slots, and connectivity options. Intel SBC is ideal for industrial automation, IoT, digital signage, and other embedded applications. With its small form factor, low power consumption, and robust performance, Intel Atom SBC enable cost-effective and reliable solutions for diverse computing needs. To know more about our Intel processor based designs visit the page. To know more about Intel ATOM SBC from Mistral and our expertise in Intel SBC Design and other Intel ATOM based designs, write to us.


  • Low power Intel SBC based on Intel™ SoC E640T core with speed up to 1.0GHz
  • DDR2 memory interface with total capacity of 2GB and speed up to 400MHz
  • Four x1 lane PCIe interface to communicate with FPGA, PCH and to VPX connector
  • High-definition Audio (HDA) interface to drive a speaker terminated on VPX connector
  • UEFI Boot loader - UDK2010 based Boot loader integrated with Intel FSP package
  • SMBus 1.0 compliant host controller allows the processor to communicate with SMBus/IIC slave devices like FPGA, temperature, sensors, PMIC, Serial ADC, PCIe Clock Generator and EEPROM
  • SVDO graphics interface is terminated to VPX back plane connector for debugging
  • LVDS graphics interface is connected to 20 pin onboard connector for debugging
  • Platform Control Hub(PCH) is interfaced to processor E640T through PCI interface to support many other interfaces SATA SSD, Gigabit MAC controller, GMII or RGMII (1000 BASE), USB 2.0, UART, I2C interface
  • FPGA interfaced to Intel Atom™ processor through LPC and PCI interface