Assistive Electronics

Assistive Electronics aims to ease connectivity and communication for individuals with sensory, physical or cognitive difficulties, impairments and disabilities to enable them to fully participate in society.


Internet of Things has the potential to become an enabler for Assistive Electronics devices by increasing accessibility support and services for people with disabilities. Assistive Technology Assistive Technology, Assistive Electronics, embedded engineering services, product engineering company, product engineering services companies, product engineering services companies in indiaand Assistive Electronics devices have had a positive impact on domains such as healthcare, education, independent and assisted living, mobility and navigation in public spaces among others. Assistive Electronics devices help differently-abled people, who have difficulty speaking, typing, writing, seeing, hearing among others. Assistive Electronics Devices aims at easing the connectivity and communication for individuals with sensory, physical or cognitive difficulties, impairments and disabilities to enable them to fully participate in society.

Assistive Electronics and Devices

Assistive Electronics is a term for assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and the elderly. Assistive Electronics devices for the elderly and the physically impaired can restore confidence, improve mobility and provide peace of mind to their families, knowing that their loved one is safe. Assistive Electronics products are designed to maintain, improve and enable an individual’s independent day to day functioning, both for the elderly and for people with disabilities. Mistral has the requisite skills for design and development of connected assistive technology devices designed specifically to help people with vision loss or other disabilities. The Mistral team brings invaluable experience in SoC, OS, sensor integration, testing and system validation to the customer’s concept for an Assistive Electronics product enabling them to assist their customers to fully realize their potential through the latest in innovative Assistive devices. Some of the Assistive Technology devices designed by us include portable scanners for the visually impaired,low-vision aids, braille tablets, audio aids among others.

Click on these links to read a blog on Electronics based Assistive Technology and a couple of Case studies on Assistive Technology based Electronics Product Designs Braille tablet for Visually impaired and Portable Barcode scanner.


Assistive Electronics

Product Design Services

Feasibility study for Assistive Electronics devices

Design, development and integration of Assistive Electronics product designs

Prototyping & Industrial design (ID)

FCC, CE, UL certification for Assistive Electronics Product Designs

Production & Product Lifecycle Support

Power and Battery Management

Cloud/ Web Services integration

Currency / object recognition

Barcode scan and Online Product Search

Video analytics

VOIP/ Skype integration

Custom DSP Libraries Integration

Assistive Electronics

Sensor and Wireless Integration


Third party library integration

Voice recognition, gesture recognition, OCR, TTS and likes

Embedded Applications

End-use case development for Assistive Electronics applications

Interactive voice based menu

Framework customization

Android/Linux/Windows Embedded with/without Display

Custom iOS and Android apps development for Assistive Electronics devices

Assistive Electronics

Hardware Design and Firmware

PoP assembly

Flex PCB designs with HDI technology

Android/Linux/Windows Embedded BSP

Hardware abstraction layer customization

Boot time optimization

Form factor designs

Hardware accelerators integration

Type of Devices

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)



Aids to Daily Living



Assistive Electronics


Assistive Electronics

Remote Care

Assistive Electronics


Assistive Electronics



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