Microcontroller based Designs

Microcontroller based Designs: Embedded Microcontroller based DesignsMicrocontrollers typically include extensive on-chip IO and peripheral devices which make it easy to interface with other electronics.Modern day microcontrollers are miracles of engineering – cheap, small, low-power and packed with features; they are at the heart of many electronic products. Mistral’s team of expert engineers have the expertise in multitude of microcontroller based designs, ranging from 8-bit microcontroller to 32-bit microcontroller, in C, C++, Assembly language on various IDEs. Mistral has built a wide range of microcontroller based designs for wearable electronics,  medical electronics, home automation, industrial applications, health and wellness applications.

Mistral’s expertise in microcontroller based designs include:

  • MSP430 (16-bit), C2000 (32-bit) and TivaTM (Cortex M3 & M4) from Texas Instruments
    • Code Composer Studio
  • Atmel 8051, AVR (8-bit), AVR32 (32-bit), and AT91SAM (32-bit)
    • Atmel Studio 6
  • Cypress Semiconductor’s M8C Core
    • PSoCs (Programmable System-on-Chip)
  • ColdFire (32-bit), S08 (8-bit) and Kinetic from NXP
    • Code Warrior Development Studio
  • Microchip Technology PIC, (8-bit PIC16, PIC18, 16-bit dsPIC33 / PIC24), (32-bit PIC32)
  • STMicroelectronics STM8 (8-bit), ST10 (16-bit) and STM32 (32-bit)
    • CosmicIDE
  • Maxim ARM Cortex M3 (32-bit)
    • Eclipse
  • Other ARM Cortex-M cores specifically targeted towards microcontroller applications
    • Keil uVision

Mistral’s team has expertise on popular real-time operating systems (RTOS) like FreeRTOS, TI SYSBIOS/TI-RTOS and also in developing new RTOS kernels for building microcontroller based designs for specific applications. The team additionally has expertise in wireless stack integration and IoT Gateway SDK development which is crucial in developing applications for the Internet of Things.

Some of microcontroller based designs executed by Mistral include:

  • E-Ink Based portable keyboard using MSP430
  • Beacon Device based on TI’s CC2541 BLE chipMSP430 based Universal remote to control home entertainment systems using Bluetooth-enabled smartphones
  • IrDA based  Communication Device built around Atmel 8051
  • Intelligent Battery Management Solution for Electric Car based on PIC24 from Microchip
  • Wellness Product on Module based on Maxim MAX32600 BLE-based iPhone accessory (Touch based wearable watch) for visually impaired based on STM32 Microcontroller


To know more about Mistral’s expertise in Microcontroller based Designs, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

Microcontroller based Designs: Embedded Microcontroller based Design email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com


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