Semiconductor Support Services

A broad range of Semiconductor support services (Silicon support services) enabling silicon vendors to bring out embedded products and solutions that harness and demonstrate the real processing power of their silicon chip-sets and enable faster time-to-market for end customers.


Mistral offers Semiconductor support services to meet a wide range of semiconductor support needs of silicon companies. Mistral has vast experience in providing a wide range of semiconductor support services – from reference designs and development platforms to chip support libraries for various upcoming SOCs from ARM, Texas Instruments, Renesas, Qualcomm, NXP, Microchip, Xilinx, Intel and other silicon manufacturers. Mistral’s range of Semiconductor Support Services (silicon support services) help bridge the gap between silicon manufacturers and product developers, providing solutions  and enabling faster turnaround for a wide variety of embedded product designs.

Mistral’s semiconductor support services include design and development of hardware platforms such as Evaluation Modules, software development platforms, reference designs, add-on modules & carrier cards, System on Modules (SOMs); pre-silicon and post-silicon bring-up, chip support and system software development. Our Semiconductor Support Services help silicon vendors bring out solutions that harness and demonstrate the real processing power of their new and upcoming silicon chip-sets. This help customers explore the features of the processor or SoC and get their product to market faster. With our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the silicon from the bring-up stage, we help developers leverage the benefits of the chip, by improving performance, reliability, scalability of design; optimizing cost of embedded devices; accelerating the development cycle, and reducing time-to-market to stay ahead of the competition.

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  • Seamless access of hardware registers through simple software interfaces
  • Highly portable and reusable across architectures and PSP (Platform Support packages)
  • Rapidly reduces board bring up time and driver porting time


Our complete range of Semiconductor Support Services includes


  • Case Study

    Customization of Craneboard for an Electronics Labelling Solution

  • Case Study

    Semiconductor Support Services for designing POM for health and wellness application

  • Whitepaper

    Different aspects of HW-SW co-design with respect to embedded product design