AM437x PoM

The AM437x Product on Module (AM437x PoM) from Mistral is a low cost, small footprint, high performance; easy-to-use AM437x Starter Kit  built around the powerful 800MHz/1GHz Sitara SoC from Texas Instruments.

AM437x PoM

The AM437x Product on Module (AM437x PoM) from Mistral is a low cost, small footprint, high performance; easy-to-use development platform and Product on Module built around the powerful 800MHz/1GHz Sitara AM437x SoC from Texas Instruments. With extensive integration such as quad core PRU-ICSS, PowerVR SGX 3D acceleration core, dual camera, QSPI-NOR, up to 512KB on-chip memory, Dual ADC and an easily extendable architecture, the AM437x PoM is the perfect AM437x Development Platform or AM437x Starter Kit for quick product deployment while leveraging the benefits of the powerful SoC.

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The AM437X Product on Module (AM437x PoM) is an ideal AM437x EVM that supports high performance interfaces such as 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x 8/10-Bit Parallel Camera, 24-Bit RGB display and 32-Bit DDR3L. The low power module uses +5V DC or can also be USB powered.AM437x Starter kit, AM437x idk, AM437x development platform, AM437x PoM


  • 800MHz/1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor with multi core PRU-ICSS
  • WiFi + BT module with Antenna
  • 1 GB DDR3L Memory with Micro SD Card Slot
  • HDMI output support
  • USB & DC powered
  • PMIC to power processor, memory and other peripherals
  • Expansion headers
  • LCD, CAM, Ethernet, CAN, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM, McASP, MMC etc.
  • 8/10-bit camera interface
  • One USB 2.0 OTG
  • One USB 2.O Host
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
  • Debug interface JTAG & UART support
  • Audio In/Out
  • Dimension: 125mm X 85mm

AM437x Application Board

The AM437x Application Board from Mistral is a four layer Add-on Module for AM437x Product on Module built for the ARM-Cortex A9 Sitara AM437x SoC from Texas Instruments. The AM437x Application Board interfaces with PoM through its expansion connectors and provides general purpose 7” LCD with capacitive touch screen along with keypad and sensors like Ambient light (ALS), Temperature, Accelerometer. The AM437x Application Board supports Industrial interfaces such as RS485, CAN/Profibus, Ether CAT, Dual motor control, Endat/eQEP encoders and ADC for motor current sensing. It also supports ZigBee communication using TI’s CC2530 ZigBee module interfaced externally via its expansion connectors. The AM437x Application Board when connected with AM437x PoM forms the AM437x development platform that can be used for building products for Industrial Automation, Home Automation and Biometrics.


AM437x Starter kit, AM437x idk, AM437x development platform, AM437x PoMFour-layer PCB with FR-4 dielectric material, thickness of about 1.6mm. User Interface:

  • 7” LCD with Capacitive Touch Controller
  • LED and KEYPAD buttons
  • Sensors:
    • Ambient Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor
    • 3- axis Accelerometer
  • Communication:
    • RS-485/ CAN / Profibus
    • EtherCAT
    • Supports TI’s CC2530 ZigBee module via additional Expansion Connectors
  • Control:
    • Dual Motor Control
  • Interfaces:
    • ADC for Motor Current Sense
    • EnDAT / eQEP
  • Board Dimension:
    • 190mm x 165mm
  • Temperature:
    • Commercial Grade
  • Power Input:
    • +24V DC for AM437x Application Board and AM437x PoM RevB (when industrial interfaces are used)
    • +5V DC for AM437x Application Board and AM437x PoM RevB (when other general purpose interfaces are used)
  • Android KitKat support

What is POM?

A Product on Module (PoM)  is a complete, form factor development platform or Evaluation Module (EVM) with a powerful processor, memory, power, interfaces, and software. The AM437x PoM is a ready to deploy solution that can be taken to market quickly.

The AM437x Product on Module  is an ideal AM437x Starter Kit that enables development of high-quality, high-reliability solutions while ensuring an optimized product development life-cycle.

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PoM vs SOM

A quick look at why a product designer should look at using the AM437x Product on Module (AM437x EVM) for faster product deployment.

AM437x PoM, AM437x Product on Module, AM437x Application Board, AM437x EVM, AM437x Starter kit, AM437x idk


The AM437x Product on Module  (AM437x PoM) helps product designers to realize a fully customized assembly, complete with interfaces and small form factor without the effort of a ground-up electronic design. This will ensure reduced developmental costs while simultaneously shortening time-to-market and technical risk.

Mistral provides custom design services for your development around the AM437x PoM and AM437x EVM ensuring a cost-effective, custom solution within a narrow timeline. The AM437x Development Platform can be quickly taken to market quickly by integration an enclosure design, display and custom applications.

With a highly qualified team of engineers, Mistral’s custom design services can be applied at any stage of a product design and can also provide support in volumes. Being a single source for hardware and software expertise, Mistral’s product engineering team delivers a high value of engineering innovation to our customers through higher design compatibility and consistency.

The embedded product design services offered by the team include Hardware/Board design, FPGA Design, BSP and Firmware development, middleware, third party application integration, embedded application development, independent testing and validation, product prototyping, production coordination and product lifecycle support.

To know more about Mistral’s Product Design Services in the Embedded domain, email us at


Q:     What is delivered when the PoM board is ordered?

A:    The PoM package consists of a POM Hardware Board and a WallMount 5v/3A power adaptor(100v-220V DC; Centre positive).

Q:    Where can I get the schematics and other hardware design related files?

A :    Please send a mail to by mentioning the serial no. of the board.

Q:     Can the Standard PoM Board be customized?

A:     Yes. The PoM Board can be very well customized to suite your requirements. Please send out an e-mail to for more information on the same.

Q:     Which softwares’ are currently supported for the PoM Board?

A:     As on date, the below softwares are ported and the SD card bootable binaries are available.

1.  Android Kitkat version 4.4.4.

2.   Linux demo based on TI’s Sitara SDK.

For any customization or any further information on the other software support (binary, source code, other OS porting) please feel free to send a mail to

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