Design and Development of Power Supply Module for a Miniaturized Military Equipment


The Power supply modules are primarily designed for advanced information and communications equipment, such as radio base stations and switches/routers, and are also used in a wide range of avionics and military applications. The key to designing a successful power supply solution in a military application is a detailed understanding of the specifications Power Supply Moduleand the conditions under which the system will be operating.

The Customer

The customer is an organization engaged in developing defense technologies covering various fields like aeronautics, armaments, electronic and computer sciences.

The Requirement

The customer approached Mistral to design and develop a compact, multifunction power supply module for a Miniaturized Military Equipment. The module was expected to be rugged, small, and lightweight and would have to qualify the Environmental Stress Specifications (ESS). The input voltage range had to be between 24 to 40 volts and the total output power of the card was expected to be nearly 12 watt. The power supply unit was expected to provide high voltage DC of -180V and also provide, 12V,- 12V, 5V,- 5V for the subsystems.

Solution Provided

The components for the Power Supply module were of industrial grade temperature range and this was done keeping in mind the environmental stress specifications (ESS) requirement. To ensure optimal size as specified by the customer, all the components were surface mounted to save on board space. The number of electrical configurations was optimized and the power supply module was built with only the needed electrical requirements.

The power supply unit develop by Mistral achieved the following Power Standards:

Power Supply Module

The power supply module designed adhered to the following relevant qualifications:

Power Supply Module