Connext DDS Micro

Connectivity framework for Resource-Constrained IOT Applications that have minimal memory, CPU power or no operating system and is scalable from embedded 16-bit microcontrollers to multicore 64-bit CPUs.


Connext DDS Micro is the first connectivity software designed for resource-constrained applications in industrial IoT systems. It provides a small-footprint connectivity framework for IIoT devices that have minimal memory and CPU power, and that may not even have an operating system. It meets stringent size, weight, and power requirements with performance, scalability, reliability and security well beyond the reach of traditional connectivity frameworks—all within a DDS standard-compliant framework. Connext DDS Micro simultaneously satisfies demanding real-time performance requirements with meeting stringent resource constraints. By abstracting out low-level networking and communication details, it reduces development costs to minimize the amount of custom connectivity or integration code that developers would otherwise have to create.

Connext DDS Micro ensures Broad Hardware and Operating System Support, Decentralized System Architecture, Deterministic Resource Utilization and DDS and DDS Security Standard Compliance


  • Small memory footprint
  • User-configurable feature set through build options
  • Support for low-power CPUs
  • Scalability from embedded 16-bit microcontrollers to multicore 64-bit CPUs
  • Bundled source code
  • Pre-built support for Linux (x86), Windows, FreeRTOS (ARM), VxWorks (PowerPC) and devices without OS (ARM)
  • Portability to other embedded or real-time operating systems
  • Completely decentralized and easy-to-embed architecture with no message brokers or daemon processes
  • Standards compliant: based on DDS programming interface and RTPS wire interoperability protocol