InkVision. AI - Video Analytics Software

Analysis of video content has become a key challenge for all organizations, be it education, defense, security, government, or enterprise. This Intelligent Video Analytics Software follows a structured method for analysis and management of the video content, which is the need of the hour.


Analysis of large volume of video content has been one of the key challenges for all organizations, be it education, defense, security, government, or enterprise. A structured method for analysis and management of the video content generated is need of the hour. The InkVision.AI is an Intelligent Video Analytics Software from Mistral that provides actionable intelligence in real-time. This Artificial Intelligence enabled Video Analytics Software can be deployed in demanding environments for real-time analysis or post-incident investigations. The state-of-the-art Video Analytics software is developed in association with INKERS, a leading provider of AI-based software and algorithms. The InkVision.AI adopts an AI and ML approach, wherein the system learns by itself from the data collected and analyzed.

Intelligent Video Analytics Software

The AI enabled Intelligent Video Analytics Software comprises of proprietary deep AI models that excel at visual comprehension. Each pixel block in an image is analyzed semantically and tagged. This enables large scale face detection and recognition. The additional modules for image segmentation, monocular depth estimation, super-resolution (especially faces), and human pose estimation enables object detection & tracking along with scene and activity recognition. The InkVision.AI – Intelligent Video Analytics Software algorithm also integrates motion prediction and estimation strategies across frames, reducing overall computational requirements. This Intelligence Video Analytics software is ideal for Smart City projects, providing a range of algorithms for implementing traffic management and safe/clean city applications. Advanced Vision Analytics Capabilities make InkVision.AI a perfect AI tool for Homeland Security applications.

Based on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the InkVision.AI can process live camera feeds to achieve the objectives of Smart City Mission (SCM) under Smart Urban Solutions by providing improved visualization of ambient or emergency in the city and facilitating data-driven decision making. Some of the applications for AI-based Video Analytics software include: Real-time Video Analysis for Crowd and Traffic Management; Enhanced safety and security with features like Intruder Alert, Abandoned Object Detection, Behavior Analytics etc.; Rapid people identification during Disaster Management and Emergency Response; Improvement in the efficiency of public service delivery and Better management of public infrastructure and utilities.

AI and ML based Video Analytics Software for Facial Recognition

InkVision.AI, an Artificial Intelligence driven Video Analytics software, uses advanced AI algorithms to recognize faces at most angles in tough environments and is engineered to work in large scale deployments. Face Detection and Recognition abilities are extended by an intelligent deep-learning analytics framework which makes face registration, recognition, tracking, attendance, alert customization and ERP integration simple.

The intelligent Video Analytics software works with all makes of cameras, from mobile phones to advanced CCTV Cameras. Analytics Server will fetch the video stream from any source and process them for face detection and recognition. The alarm and notification system alert the authorities in case of a breach, unknown / unwanted visitors are seen, or any custom rule is broken. The Video Analytics Software is trained on one of the largest Indian-Face datasets of 200M+ individual faces. The software is enabled with detection on Live and Recorded CCTV Video feeds or Photo images in demanding conditions.


  • Scalability - adding more cameras or features just requires computing hardware
  • Unbiased analytics - avoiding human errors
  • Real-time adaptive system to minimize false alarms
  • Real-time data to support the decision-making process in immediate/short/long terms
  • Capability to analyze person/vehicle behavior
  • Simulate and predict situations
  • On-prem and On-edge solutions providing complete data security
  • Capability to enhance GPU performance by 2.5 times
  • Future-ready with continuous learning capability
  • Custom Analytics to address customer's key needs
  • Agnostic to the make and model of Video Management Software (VMS)