Tactical Communication Systems

Sophisticated Tactical communication and Integrated Communication System for coordination between multiple security agencies during a mission-critical operation  enabling centralized communications management via secured transmission through various electronic equipment.


Tactical Operation during a mission involve several challenges with respect to communication and coordination among team members and the remote HQ. Tactical Communication systems are used within or in direct support of the operational forces and is designed to provide a secured, integrated communication system for voice, data, and video, among the various forces involved to facilitate command and control of the operation.

Tactical communication systems or tactical operations center (TOC) are command posts for police, paramilitary, or military operations that provide a fully Integrated Communication System enabling a group of specially trained officers or military personnel who guide the active team during a mission.

Integrated Communication System

Mistral offers complete Integrated Tactical communication system for police and security personnel to cater to various strategic and tactical operations. The Tactical or Integrated Communication system enables centralized communications management via secured transmission through various electronic equipment. Mistral’s Tactical Communication systems meet complex requirements and provide outstanding reliability to ensure information superiority for Tactical Communication.

The Tactical Communication Systems consist of an Integrated Communication System (ICS) that acts as an Interoperable communication Server ensuring reliable, jam-resistant and encrypted information exchange among teams/forces even if they are operating on different radio frequencies or different kinds of radios.


Integrated Communication System

IP based Integrated Dispatch Console for Tactical communication

Supports Distributed Dispatch consoles connected over WAN

Comprises of : Radio Gateway, Central server, Console and Media Dock

Simple user interface reducing screen clutter and response time

End-to-end network redundancy ensures High reliability

Ideal for Scalable Operations

Digital Console System

Digital communications console system for Radio Dispatchers

IP connected Radio dispatch positions

Integrated communication system for call handling and radio dispatch

Redundant & distributed architecture

Support for 30 ports of Voice and 16 operators

Supports and integrates VHF, UHF, HF, GSM, Satellite terminals

Screen-based, configurable Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Range of operator and audio interface options.

Radio over IP Gateway

Transports voice, I/O and Data for up to two radio channels

Remote PTT operation controlled by VOX or COR

Uses standard IP network

Compatible with 3rd party IP-based voice recorders

Fully configurable via web browser, including all audio levels

Designed for harsh, unattended radio site environments


Armed Forces

Emergency Management

Special Forces

Tactical Operations

Safe City


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