Embedded Applications Development

High quality and flexible Embedded Applications Development for Aerospace and Defense systems, Automotive Infotainment systems, Industrial Automation, Wearable Electronics, Mobile and Navigational Devices, Wireless systems, and more


Mistral has over 20 years of core domain expertise in area of Embedded design and development for a range of Defence, Aerospace, Industrial and Navigational products and systems. Our embedded team offers high quality and flexible embedded applications development services using the best software engineering methodologies across popular OS platforms like Android, Embedded Linux, VxWorks and other embedded and RTOS platforms. Mistral also has a lot of experience in Embedded Applications Development with user interface development, multimedia frameworks, and framework for Display based and headless applications like Wearable Electronics, Assistive Technology, Industrial Automation, Medical Electronics, Drones &UAVs etc.

Mistral’s Embedded Apps Development services includes GUI and HMI, for various defense solutions such as RADAR, SONAR, SATCOM Systems, SIGINT & EW systems, providing user interface & communication, command and control functionalities. Mistral has successfully executed many embedded applications development projects. We follow Agile or V-model methodology for embedded apps development based on the project requirement.


  • Design and implementation of end user Android applications
  • UI Customization
  • NDK Applications- Porting of Native applications to different platforms versions
  • PIM, Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment, Social Networking, Maps, navigation, News & Location, Themes and various utility applications
  • Framework Customization – Customizing look and feel of Android devices through Boot-up Animation, Launcher Application, Live Wallpapers, Themes and Lock Screen
  • Validation and Verification using Android instrumentation


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    Portable Barcode Scanner for the Visually Impaired

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    Embedded Apps Development for Digital RADAR Receiver

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    Multi-processor Software Architecture for defense applications

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    Native embedded appliations Development n Android

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