Wireless Designs

Enabling Wireless Designs for a wide variety of applications like Wearable Electronics, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Infotainment, Medical Electronics, Assistive Technology, Aerospace and Defense.


With over two decades of expertise in designing wireless modules and devices, Mistral can help customers with wireless module designs and integration of multiple wireless modules based on wireless SoCs available from leading silicon manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Murata, STM, LSR among others. Our team of experienced engineers provide Wireless Designs to help integrate emerging wireless technologies into your existing wireless designs as well as architect new wireless based products from the ground up.

Mistral’s expertise in wireless designs can convert interesting ideas to products that are connected to “the Internet of things” using 802.11, WPAN, 802.11, Bluetooth, NFC, RF or a custom link.

Mistral works closely with the customer’s product design from the product definition phase to define requirement specs and device functionality all the way to design and testing. Our wireless design team lays emphasis on ensuring compatibility and high reliability.


  • IEEE 802.15 and WPAN (Bluetooth) , Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • NFC (Near field communication), ZigBee, Z wave
  • Wireless LAN and Wi-Max integration for embedded applications
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication
  • Wireless Base Stations (CDMA, GSM)
  • FM design (including HF, VHF, and UHF)
  • GPS, RF
  • Custom modems


  • Case Study

    Design and Development of High-Definition, Rugged Digital Video Recorder

  • Case Study

    Small-footprint Hands-free Headset with 15 inch Virtual Display

  • Video

    Wireless LAN on AM437x POM