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60GHz AoP Module

The 60GHz Industrial mmWave RADAR with Antenna on Package (AoP) SoC from Mistral is a low cost, ultra-compact, light-weight and easy to use module catering to a wide range of industrial and healthcare applications.

Availability: Ships in 1-2 weeks



Based on Texas Instruments IWR6843AoP ES2.0, an ultra-high-resolution single chip FMCW RADAR sensor, the Industrial mmWave RADAR on Module is ideal for low power, self-monitored, ultra-accurate RADAR systems in an industrial environment. The AoP Industrial mmWave RADAR module comes with advanced features such as FMCW Transceiver, DSP for Advanced Signal Processing, Hardware Accelerator, ARM R4F Microcontroller, Built-in Calibration and Self-test in a compact form factor (46.25 X 15.76 mm).


  • AoP RADAR Module
  • Quick Start Guide (Online)
  • Software Package and Documentation (Online).

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