The Visionary of our times

There are a few people I consider visionaries of their times. In the 15th century, we had Leonardo da Vinci. He was centuries ahead of his times and unmatched in his abilities, talent and knowledge of subjects as varied as science, arts, materials, structures, aeronautics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, medicine etc. A true multi-faceted genius.

In our times, we have had Steve jobs. His mix of technology & business acumen and knowing what people want has made Apple what it is today. Alas, we lost Steve….. I guess many will partially blame him for some wrong choices he made treating his illness. All said & done, he was a genius of our times. He dared to dream and dream crazy & dream big…… or as my good friend, Verne Harnish, would say he had a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).

Moving ahead, I think we now have a living genius among us today.. ELON MUSK. He has achieved what people considered the impossible. He has a vision for the future that bridges the gap between science fiction & reality. He is changing the dynamics of technology and business. All he needs to do is dream and investors will write him a Billion Dollar check to experiment with his dream….. till he goes to sleep and dreams again.

Since he sold PayPal to eBay for $1.5B, Elon has forged ahead to bigger ideas. He built the All Electric Tesla car. No one imagined that such a car can roll out from Silicon valley. I have driven the Tesla and I consider it the best & most advanced car in the world. From cars to Rockets seems like a logical step for Elon. But I think the big disruption that he will cause in our times is in the area of Solar energy & battery technology. He will find ways that will disrupt systems that we have got accustomed to over the last 100 years. I am sure we will see many new ventures from him stable in our lifetime. Tesla Energy has already gathered a big buzz. I just can’t wait to get  a Tesla Power Wall.

Over the last 10 years, Steve Jobs enticed everyone in our homes to have 2-3 of his products which averaged a price of about $400. In the next 10, we will be buying products from Elon’s companies. The only difference is that the product prices will be anything from $3500 to $100,000. The volumes will still be in high millions.

So get ready to be mesmerized!