Windows Embedded Services

Cutting-edge Windows Embedded Services and system level design for product development of the highest quality, efficiency and innovation.


Mistral is a recognized Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner and provides Windows Embedded services which covers a wide range of hardware and software solutions.
Mistral has worked with several global customers offering a wide range of Windows Embedded Services for handheld multimedia devices, communication, networking and smart electronic devices.

Mistral offers high-quality product development and customization services for various Windows Embedded versions. Our Windows Embedded services include porting, writing device drivers, development of board support packages, middleware, peripheral integration, embedded applications and user application development on various ARM, MIPS and x86 platforms.


  • Porting WinCE to ARM based hardware (SoCs)
  • Microsoft certified Windows Embedded BSPs


Mistral's range of Windows Embedded Services include


  • Case Study

    Small-footprint Hands-free Headset with 15 inch Virtual Display

  • Whitepaper

    Different aspects of HW-SW co-design with respect to embedded product design

  • Software Downloads

    DM365 Binary BSP for Windows Embedded 6.0