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With the advent of the Internet of Things, standalone, single function devices have converged into feature rich, complex, up-gradable, connected infotainment devices. Mistral with rich domain experience and impactful innovative solutions, provides product engineering services for the design and development of high-quality, next-generation, and feature-rich entertainment and infotainment devices. Be it home media centers or home infotainment, personal devices, in-vehicle infotainment or in-flight entertainment, seamless connectivity is the center for all Media, Automotive and infotainment applications.

By combining creativity, technical expertise, and refined processes, Mistral offers cutting-edge embedded hardware and software solutions integrating audio, video, wireless technologies and DSP Algorithms, paving the way for intelligent, connected infotainment devices. Mistral offers a vast range of product development services for in-vehicle infotainment devices, in-flight entertainment solutions, home infotainment and personal entertainment applications to some of the leading brands worldwide.

Mistral’s range of expertise in home Infotainment, in-vehicle infotainment and in-flight entertainment include:

  • Sensors and Codec Integration
  • Third party library integration for voice recognition, gesture recognition and likes
  • Multimedia framework customization
  • Media Streaming / Media Encryption
  • OTA updates
  • Power and Battery Management
  • Software Design and Development
    • Hardware abstraction layer customization
    • Hardware accelerators integration
    • Android / Embedded Linux/ Windows Embedded Firmware
    • Board Support Package and Device drivers
    • Boot time optimization
  • Application Design and Development
    • HMI for Main control panel and remote controller
    • Android/WinCE/Qt Application
    • Applications for Android Private Market
    • Android Compatibility Test Suite
  • Hardware Design and Development
    • Multi Display Support
    • Multi processor design implementation
    • Form factor designs

Mistral’s Infotainment expertise addresses the following applications:

  • In-flight entertainment
    • Video Display Units
    • Remote Control Units
    • Connectivity solutions
  • In-vehicle entertainment
    • Infotainment console
    • Seat back display
    • Device integration
  • Home Media Center
    • Gateways
    • Video Recorders
    • Camera
  • Personal Devices
    • Phones
    • Tablets
    • eBook Readers


Some of the Infotainment projects executed by Mistral includes:

    • Capacitive touch based passenger multimedia unit used to control the seat video display unit for in-flight entertainment applications
    • Next-gen seat video display unit for rich multimedia experience and in-flight entertainment functions
    • Universal remote to control home entertainment systems using Bluetooth enabled Smart phones
    • Multimedia Application for Radio Head Unit based on BF 527 for Tier I Automotive
    • Multimedia Application for Radio Head Unit  based on Jacinto2 from TI
    • Development of Audio frameworks based on Based on C5515 DSP from Texas Instruments
    • Ebook reader with E-ink based display based on OMAP3530
    • Headless phone accessory for Apple iPhone


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in-flight entertainment design services - in-vehicle infotainment, automotive and infotainment, Home infotainment email us at


Case Study

in-flight entertainment design services - in-vehicle infotainment, automotive and infotainment, Home infotainment

iPhone Based Remote for Home Infotainment

ZigBee based solution for a Universal Remote Controller

Case Study

in-flight entertainment design services - in-vehicle infotainment, automotive and infotainment, Home infotainment

Seat-back Video for In-flight Entertainment

Next-generation in-flight seat-back entertainment system


In-vehicle Infotainment Demo on DM8148/Jacinto5



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