RF Designs

Mistral offered RF designs for aerospace and defense applications. Our engineering team adopts a highly-disciplined development approach starting with a comprehensive requirement document followed by a feasibility study to reduce identified risks. This leads to circuit design, simulation, modeling and prototyping. A comprehensive test plan for RF design is developed and used to ensure that the resulting design meets the requirement specification.

Defense RF Designs: RF Design Services, RF Designs, RF Designs fro RADARs

Mistral’s RF based Design services are combined with other board and system design services to provide complete end-to-end solutions for various defense and aerospace applications like RADAR, Electronics Warfare, Telemetry etc. Mistral has a well-equipped test and measurement infrastructure for designing RF applications, which includes high-end spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators as well as tools for simulation and prototyping along with a strong eco-system to handle small and large volume production.

Mistral’s RF design services include custom development of various RF systems:

  • End-to-end RF designs for transceivers based on UHF, VHF, HF, MF
  • Transmitter – low to medium power RF transmitters designs, including AM, ASK, FM, FSK, OFDM, QPSK among others
  • Advanced receivers using direct conversion, IF sampling and software defined radio techniques
  • Amplifiers
    • Power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, highly integrated amplifier
  • Wide-band radars
    • Imaging  radar
    • Ground penetrating radars
  • Tracking transponders (on-board): S & C band tracking  transponders (GaN-based power amplifier)
  • T/R Modules (TRMs)
    • GaN-based T/R modules in (L, S and C-band) for phased array radars
  • Development of all sub-systems related to phased array radar and ultimately realize phase array radars   in L, S and  C-bands
  • Custom built, ready-to-use modules such as GPS receivers, Radar Target Simulators (RTS-RF) etc. with RF interfaces
  • RF module designs
    • Diplexers, synthesizers, modulators, up-converters, down-converters, filters, RF switch matrices.

Some of the RF designs executed by Mistral:

To know more about Mistral's RF Design expertise, email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com.

RF Designs - RF Design Services: RF Designs for Defense email us at sales@mistralsolutions.com



RF Design - RF Design Services: RF Designs for Defense

Next Generation DRFM platform

Rugged RF DESIGN consisting of RF Up/Down Conversion using modulator and demodulator


RF Design - RF Design Services: RF Designs for Defense


FPGA based RF DESIGN of Rugged Communication Unit for IFF Radar application

Technical Article

Multi-function Phased Array Radars (MPAR)

Modifications required in Phased Array Radar to realize MPAR


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